Sunday, January 13, 2013

14 weeks

I guess it's about time for some baby/pregnancy posts! Along with our new years resolution to document more, it seems like this will definitely be the year of the baby, so please hang on for the ride! Obviously I can make no promises, but Keith is adamant that we take very consistent photos each week to document my belly progress, so far we've only taken 2, but my belly wasn't much to talk about last month haha. Here are the first in the series (and please don't laugh at how awkward these might be, we're just having fun with it!)

8 weeks

14 weeks

Here what's been going on during week 14 of baby bugs life:

This week more than ever I'm finding that if I'm not eating about every 2 hours that I feel very weak and can start getting dizzy. I can go from being a-ok to feeling terrible at the drop of a hat which has left Keith feeling pretty helpless on how to care for me. Usually just a moment of sitting down and eating something substantial does the trick. I'm also finding this week that SOME kind of hormone change has occurred that has been making me SO incredibly cranky! There is no real reason, most days I'm not hungry, tired or uncomfortable but I find that I have zero patience, and watch out if I have to tell you something twice haha. Keith has been so kind and has been taking lashes all week for reasons unknown to both of us, so here's hoping this is just a phase. I think the toughest part for me is that I KNOW I'm being mean, and I just can't stop. Sometimes Keith talks to my belly and tells baby bug to stop making me so rude haha. Oops.

Something that I'm really struggling with right now is that I still don't FEEL pregnant. My lack of first trimester symptoms was such an incredible blessing, but besides my pants getting tighter in the thighs (and having to buy new bras) there are not too many things that have changed in my normal routine, or with how I'm feeling. I know in another month or two I'll be kicking myself for complaining, but I just can't wait to feel the baby and have a daily reminder that, YES! I really am pregnant haha Want to hear something fun though? Our little nugget is the size of a navel orange now! around 4.5 inches!

This week my belly made a little bit of a shift and I can tell that it's starting to get a little bit rounder. I feel like as excited as I am to start showing more, I'm still in a bit of a mourning phase over my pre-baby body. Keith has been such a great encouragement and when he sees me looking glum in front of the mirror he's quick to remind me that I'm not just getting fat, I'm growing a baby!

I also had a little bit of a panic this week that I wasn't reading or learning enough about pregnancy, and felt like everyone was better at being pregnant than I was. I even had people that have never had a baby giving me advice on things that I had no idea about, which made me feel like a terrible almost-mother. Thankfully Carolyn talked me off the ledge a little bit, and reminded me that my body knows how to be pregnant all on it's own, and that as long as I'm eating right, moving, and resting enough that things will all be ok. I'm feeling so much better about it all today and even set aside some time on the couch yesterday to read one of our baby books.

So far so good! Can't wait to see what next week brings! Also, apparently this is the only shirt I plan on wearing during my pregnancy, it's maybe the softest and most comfortable shirt I've ever gotten from Forever 21, so let's all hope it lasts another 6 months haha.


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  2. Dana, I am so very excited for you guys. I fear that I will have some of the same issues with the mirror when I end up getting pregnant. From what I see in the photos you look beautiful and you know lots about kids. You are going to be a wonderful momma.


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