Saturday, November 13, 2010


I've been waiting to tell everyone this for QUITE SOME TIME. I'm the worst at keeping secrets, but Keith made me promise with this one.

We have some very very awesome news to share with you guys, something that you'll hardly believe because I've been so good at secret keeping :)

WE MOVED TO NASHVILLE!!! Yeah, like packed up all our things in a U-Haul and moved 800 miles to the south without telling anyone except our families and some close friends back in Philadelphia. I know... it still hasn't really hit me yet haha. We're on a really exciting new adventure and I'm so glad that we can talk about with everyone now.

I got offered a job about a month ago in Nashville, and after thinking and talking it over, Keith and I decided we just needed to take a leap of faith and go for it. He transfered his American Eagle job for the time being and we're staying with our friends Tytus and Jamie so we have a little time to look for a place. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZINESS!!

All of this happened in just a couple weeks! I found out about the job, confirmed it with them within a week, and we both gave our two weeks notice right after. We silently packed up all our things and found a new tenant for our apartment. Then on Thursday the 11th we packed all our things into a U-Haul, said goodbye to our friends here and got on the road in the AM. This was one of the craziest weeks of our lives ! Keith and I are both more tired than we've ever been before, but it was all worth it. It was SO hard not to let this one slip, but the looks on our Nashville friends' faces when we walked in the door was priceless.

Can't wait to share pictures from our roadtrip, and keep everyone updated on our new life adventure in the South! We couldn't be more excited to be a little bit closer to family and friends and to be in a place with lots of opportunities for both of us. (I'm also happy for a much milder winter haha). I promise that we don't have any other major secrets coming up haha

Dear Philly: We're going to miss you so much! We're going to miss our best friends, our church, our favorite restaurants, and our adorable little apartment. Philly was our first home together, our first time truly on our own, making it work just Keith and I. This past year was a tough one with lots of ups and downs, but we learned SO much! and Philadelphia will always hold a special place in our hearts. We can't wait to come and visit again soon! Thanks so much for having us :)

Edit: Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments, and I would love to answer them for you!


  1. ok so a bit of key information... what's your new job? Also you guys live very close to us now.... road trip? I mean obviously not yet but sometime?

  2. Hahaha sorry for not mentioning that part, I just wanted to get this up quickly and once we get more settled I'll be writing a longer more detailed post. In the meantime.... I'm going to be working at an after school center as a full time teacher. It's actually an Americorps position so they are giving me money to go back to school (which I'm using to get a teaching certification) and they start paying the interest on my student loans. All around it was going to be the best opportunity for us at this time.... we were looking to move to a place where we had a large community of friends and people to support us and to learn from. We would LOVE to come to St Louis and see your house! Definitely road trips soon! I think after the holidays wouldn't be such a bad estimation of when we could make something like that happen!


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