Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Week

Ft. Myers Florida 2007

My favorite things this week include:

-Finally having a day off with Keith. It was so refreshing just to do "nothing" and spend some time in our house. We were talking about it and realized that since both of us are at work so often our house has become our little cocoon of refuge and we had kind of let it go a bit. We only ever want to relax when we walk in the door so yesterday we actually put our laundry away and did some dishes haha.

-My weekend hang outs with Mrs. Meyer. Last Sunday while Keith was at work I spent his entire 8 hour shift sitting on the couch with Chelsey watching TV and snacking hahaha. It was the best ever and definitely what I needed after a stressful week at work. Yesterday I headed over there again, and even though I didn't stay the whole day it was nice to relax with someone else instead of feeling like I needed to sit at home alone. (even though preggers Chelsey is such a bad influence on my snacking habits haha I think I'm gaining some sympathy weight)

-Theo, and his adorable habits. I already wrote this week about how much he loves the shower, but even though our cat drives me crazy sometimes all his little tricks are so endearing. Every morning Theo wakes me up by scratching at the covers right by my face. At first I thought he was doing this because he wanted to get under the covers (he LOVES sleeping down by my feet under the covers.. who knows) but come to find out, he just wants to play and is looking for my hands, since those are his favorite toys. My wonderful husband always hears him doing this and quickly grabs the spray bottle to get him away, but I just think it's so funny that our little smarty-pants cat knows right where to find all the things he wants haha. 

-My new way to trick myself into loving water. I took a cue from my lovely co-worker Sarah and started putting fresh fruit into my nalgene bottle as an encourager to drink it more often. I started by putting a whole lemon in my bottle which is super yummy and just yesterday I decided to pop some frozen blueberries in there. I ended up eating them all once they had thawed out which was a nice little treat. Here's to staying hydrated this winter!

-The free smoothie I got at Panera yesterday! I always give Keith a hard time for have those little scanny cards on his keychain because they are always in the way and make me a little crazy.. BUT yesterday I had to eat my words a little bit haha. Chelsey and I stopped by Panera for a little snack yesterday and I decided to try one of their new smoothies. As I was ordering I remembered that Keith had a Panera card on his keychain and when the girl scanned it she told me that there was a free smoothie coupon on the card. I wanted to laugh haha but instead I just said "cool, thanks!" and walked away with a free smoothie. Free things are always the best, and surprise free things are even better especially when you were planning on paying for them. My lucky day!

Some things that I've been severely missing this week:

-Florida! for no other reason except for warmer weather! My apologies for complaining constantly, but I just feel like I've been frozen in an ice cube for the past few months. I'm just ready for it to be summer so I can start complaining about how hot it is haha. I want to go to the beach and swim in the ocean!

-Our little car Marty. I'm a little tired of our dumb rental car and how I can never find it in the parking lot because of how mediocre looking it is haha. Why do we have a rental car? Oh, just because Keith got rear-ended by a semi truck on the highway a couple weeks ago. It honestly sounds a lot worse than it was, no one got hurt except for our poor little car. Marty should be up and running by tomorrow and I couldn't be happier to have our car back all pretty and new. Something good about the rental car though? I got stuck behind a truck on the highway today that was pouring down de-icer on the roads and the car is pretty darn disgusting now hahaha glad it wasn't Marty!

Things that could have been better about this week:

-Not so great report cards. My students finally got report cards this week and most of them were less than stellar. I was really bummed when I saw this because I thought that I was having at least a little impact on their education so far, but all it means is that I've got a lot of hard work ahead of me before the 3rd marking period. I'm hoping that I can walk into work tomorrow with a new outlook and new energy to conquer 4th grade math haha

-The longest 30 minute run of my life. Somehow yesterday I convinced myself that it would be a great idea to go for a run. It was about 35 degrees out, and I'm sure I looked like a total crazy person. Things I learned: it is possible for your toes to be numb even when you're running and the streets in our neighborhood are A LOT hillier than I had previously thought. My butt hurts today, and I think I may wait until it's a little warmer out before I try again haha.


  1. yeaaaahhhhh, i miss florida weather right now, too. reading about theo is making me really sad and missing kisa. <3 and don't get too down about the kids report cards, it's not your fault ! ha... kids are tough.

  2. Thanks lady! Do you guys have a better idea of when you will be returning to the US?

  3. Why does running hurt your butt?

  4. Maybe because I was using muscles that hadn't been used in awhile? Why, am I doing it wrong?

  5. Oh man! I got a Panera card recently too and had my free smoothie. I'm not a big smoothie fan, but that was super good.

  6. One, i have to say i'm with ryan on this, i've never had my butt hurt from running.... calves, and thighs even... but butt? On another note... a bit of advice about the annoying key chain things. 9 out of 10 places will just ask for your number if you say 'i dont have my card on me' and it works great! i hate the cards too!

  7. Man, I haven't gotten to the point of dreading winter yet, especially not enough to wish I was in (gross) Florida. generally around the end of February or March, I start wishing for summer, but that's cause Cleveland summer is AMAZING :-D

  8. Apparently Lindsay, I'm doing it wrong... or maybe its just because of all the hills I ran up?

    Andrew: be thankful that you don't hate winter yet, it only makes it feel longer. I'm just holding out that spring in Nashville will be awesome because I know how freaking hot it gets here during the summer haha


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