Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love is...

... buying me a plane ticket to Florida to spend the weekend with our family even though you can't join us because your work is being really lame and not letting you take a day off.

... sharing the Klondike bar with me even though I know you wanted it all :)

... watching So You Think You Can Dance with me. I know. That was a brutal 2 hours for you haha

... putting up with my daily demands to go swimming, and affectionately call me your little fish.

... smiling at me even when I spend the whole car ride criticizing your driving (I'm really trying to get better!! I promise!).

... letting me listen to trashy music on the radio because you know it's my absolute favorite, even when you really want to tune into sports radio.

... dealing with the fact that I'm not the type of wife that loves cooking, or picking up my clothes (or doing the dishes). Oops.

... making it a priority to cuddle with me and the cat the minute you step in the door.

... always letting me steal the covers, and have more pillows.

... buying me a brand new phone and not even being jealous.

I have the best husband ever. Thank you Keith for loving me each and every day!

Tomorrow afternoon I'm headed down to Ocala, Florida to visit my family for the weekend and to celebrate my cousin David's high school graduation. As I mentioned, Keith is not coming with me which is a HUGE bummer, but he has to save up all his days off so that we can take an anniversary trip in August. I'm going to miss him a whole lot, but I'm so excited to get a chance to hang out with my family. Hopefully I'll have some photos to share when I return on Monday! Anyone else doing something interesting this weekend?


  1. I love this post! :) Y'all are freaking adorable by the way!

    Have fun with your family, I'm sorry your hubby can't go with.

  2. You and your husband are adorable.

  3. Yaya! have fun in Florida! Wave as you pass me by, K? He sounds like a true gem. It does make you grateful to think about all the little things doesn't it?

  4. The little things are TOTALLY the best, and my most favorite to look back on and remember.

  5. This is soo cute! I love this list! Have fun in Florida!


  6. This is such a cute post. I wanna copy you. And I probably will, because I'm totally a copy cat.

    You guys make an adorable couple.


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