Thursday, June 2, 2011


Now that it's summer and my work schedule is less constraining, Keith and I are really looking forward to exploring some of the awesome festivals that take place in Nashville. Coming up this weekend is the Taste of Music City which is a huge food/wine/beer festival downtown. I found out about it because all the proceeds benefit the Martha O'Bryan Center (where I work) and they were looking for volunteers to work the ticket booth... with the promise of free food and drink, I obviously signed up both Keith and I. We're going to go both Friday night and Saturday afternoon to check out samplings from about 50 restaurants around the city, listen to some live music and taste some local brews. We're super excited to scope out new restaurants to try, and get some time to hang with each other. My only hope is that it isn't TOO unbearably hot outside... we'll see about that though haha.

Anyone have any cool weekend plans?

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  1. I wish we had as fun of plans as you guys always do! We love music and especially food! Maybe once I graduate and we can move somewhere cooler haha. I'm still sad about your camera, I hope you can get a new one!


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