Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taste the City

We love food festivals. End of story.

This weekend was definitely well spent regardless of the outrageous temperatures both Friday and Saturday. As I mentioned, we spent our weekend volunteering/enjoying lots of food and beverages at the Taste of Music City here in Nashville. They took over a large street downtown and had over 50 vendors where you could sample food/beer/wine/spirits. Aka, lots of things we love.

Friday night we went to the beer tasting, and tasted maybe TOO many beers :) There wasn't that much food to sample Friday which was my eventual downfall, but who can pass up all you can drink beers??

Saturday we had our volunteer shift from 1 til 4:30 where we sold tickets to all the hungry people ready to taste food and got a chance to scope out the places we wanted to try once we were released of our duties. Thankfully the afternoon passed by really quickly and we even got free tacos from the Chipotle stand because we were volunteers. Once we were done at 4:30 the sun had gone down enough that we weren't completely miserable and we spent a couple hours making rounds to all the different booths. 

Super cool volunteer apron 

Celebratory beers, and Yazoo glasses to replace the one we broke last week!
 Ok, Nashvillians... these are some restaurants that we recommend trying (and we also look forward to adding to our date night rotation):

1). Mere Bulles- we tasted an absolutely delicious crab cake slider from here, and thought their menu looked really interesting. This would definitely be more for a fancy date night.

2). Raz'z Bar and Grill- we didn't actually purchase anything from this restaurants' stand, but they had jambalaya which Keith LOVES so he grabbed a spoonful and thought it was pretty great. It definitely looks like our kind of place.

3). Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant- I didn't even have something from here but I can't WAIT to go. It's downtown, which is super close to us, AND they serve what sounds to be an amazing breakfast (I love breakfast foooood!). Keith had their ribs and described them as "crazy good", and he's pretty hard to impress.

4). Tayst- we pass this place quite a bit off of 21st ave, but now we have some motivation to try it out. This would be another fancy date night option.

5). The Tin Roof- there was a groupon for this restaurant recently that sold out before we could even consider it, which led us to believe that it was somewhere we needed to go. I had a quesadilla, which was amazing! Usually I don't get too excited about things I know I could easily make at home, but everything in it tasted so fresh that my mouth was very pleased. They also do a lot of live music, which is always a plus for us.

6). Delicioux Cafe- I can't find a website for this restaurant, but its over in the Belle Meade area, and we would definitely recommend it. When we were working in the ticket booth we kept asking people what was something they had tried that we couldn't leave without having, and the answer we got most often was "the chicken sandwich from Delicioux". We were not disappointed at all.

Now that I'm reading through this I feel so much like Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives because all I've done is talk about how awesome everything tasted haha Mmmmmmmm.

Some honorable mentions: Keith had a yummy jalapeno popper from La Paz, we had a taco from Jim 'N Nick's Bbq Friday night that had some pretty tasty cole slaw on it and the watermelon yogurt from Pinkberry was heavenly. I never would have thought to try watermelon, but it was perfect on a hot day.

In conclusion... we will definitely be coming back next year, and we suggest you do the same.


  1. um, I love Diners, Drive-ins and Dives! and now I want to go to every place you mentioned. haha

  2. oh that sound like a BLAST! Love me some beer tasting!

    And love your blog! I'm a new follower!

  3. Love our hat! And I am insaaanely have no idea how much I heart food. Love tasting new goodies...especially Southern ones! Next time I expect an invite haha! Thanks for the birthday wishes!


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