Monday, January 31, 2011

1 Year

Happy one year anniversary to our blog!

A year ago today I started this blog as a way to keep our family and friends up to date on what was going on in our lives since we had moved far from home to Philadelphia. Apparently I never intended the blog to last very long since I named it "my first winter" haha. We're well into our second winter now and lots of things have changed since I first started writing, but we're very happy to have such a following of readers who care to keep up with us. More than anything I love that we now have a place that we can look back at the events of our lives and laugh about all the crazy things that have happened to us over the years.

So, happy Monday to everyone, and happy birthday to my dear friend Cheryl! We've got some BIG BIG news to share later this week (no I'm not pregnant, even though I seem to be surrounded by pregnant women) and we're super excited about it. It's kind of the best, and a little bit life changing. Get excited!

Also, if you regularly read our little blog I would love to hear from you more! I know there are lots of you hanging behind the scenes, but feel free to drop us a comment and let me know what you think. I love being able to make new friends and catch up with old ones since I haven't been the best at keeping in touch with everyone recently.

This time last year we were love love lovingggg being engaged :)
Here's to many more years of sharing our lives on the internet!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Recovery Weekend

I think that I'm finally feeling more like myself today. I still have no appetite, but I'm no longer repulsed at the sight and smell of food haha. Today Keith was off again so we spent the morning hanging in bed, watching 3 Ninjas and laughing about how Keith was obsessed with being a ninja because of that movie (oh and then we karate chopped each other and yelled "ay-ya!" a whole lot haha). I wasn't thrilled about this idea... but then Keith insisted that we clean our home. It was so pretty outside again today so I opened up all the blinds and let the sun inspire me. I also let Theo roam around outside a bit because I know how much he loves it.

Adventure cat!
We ate some yummy leftovers and watched TV in bed like lazy people and then I borderline forced Keith to take me to the movies haha. I wanted to see Black Swan but wasn't really in the mood for something quite that intense. We settled on No Strings Attached, and I loved it... but I also really love cheesy romantic comedies. I would not suggest going to see this movie on a first date, or really with anyone you don't know pretty well. It's definitely raunchy, but we both laughed a lot. I think Natalie Portman is absolutely adorable and wish she was my best friend... but since she's not I'm probably just going to netflix all her movies and crush on her some more. I have so much trouble taking Ashton Kutcher seriously, you know since he was on Punk'd and married Demi Moore, but he actually wasn't terrible in this movie. I would definitely recommend it.

After the movie we were craving something sweet so we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for some dessert to-go and then we retreated to our bed to catch up on tv shows (and scarf cheesecake. and fend off Theo monster).

Now we're just wishing that we didn't have to go to work in the morning :( Do you think anyone would mind if I didn't show up? Relaxing weekends are the best, but did anyone do something fun?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moving Day

Today our good friends Ryan and Chelsey moved over to the east side of town so Keith and I along with some other great friends headed over to help them out. We got there a little early to help Chelsey go pick up the u-haul truck and then I helped by packing up the last of their things. Pretty soon after, Isaac showed up as well as Trent and his lovely girlfriend Jordana. The boys did all the lifting since I was still feeling pretty under the weather and Jordy helped out tremendously with the packing. Slowly but surely everything made it into the truck and then Keith and I were able to stop for some lunch with Isaac. I think I may have pushed myself a little too hard during the afternoon because once we got into the car after lunch to go and unpack the u-haul, I looked at Keith and just needed to go home. I'm not enjoying this food poisoning thing :( I'm just still not feeling 100% and eating anything makes me nervous so I've been pretty weak and not myself. Maybe by tomorrow? I ended up curling up in bed and passing out for a couple hours until Keith got home. I'm super bummed that I didn't even get to see their new place!! I'll have to make some time to go over this week. Need any help unpacking, Chelsey?

Here are a few photos I snapped as we were finishing up:
Jordy with the last of the kitchen things

I think Keith looks really angry in this photo, but he liked it haha

Trent (Keith insisted that I also include Trent's nickname "tricky dick")

Ryan pulling out in the truck
Can I just point out something pretty incredible.... did anyone notice that we're wearing TSHIRTS?! Wednesday was a snow day and today it could not have been more beautiful. The sun was out and all I wanted to do was lay in the park and pretend it was spring. Thank you Nashville for the little tease just to remind us that the weather DOES eventually get nice here. I'm sure by Monday you'll go back to being grey and cold but just for today I will bask in your amazingness :)

After my recovery nap Keith and I went to Pei Wei with Carolyn, Isaac, Trent and Jordy and I actually got to eat a substantial meal. My body is feeling a little bit revived, but I'm definitely not planning on entering an eating contest or a marathon anytime this week.

Now for an evening of SNL and cuddles in bed with my adorable husband and my adorable kitten.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I am sick. Like sicker than I've felt since I was a little kid. I don't really know what hit me, possibly some food poisoning? a stomach virus? But I spent most of last night keeled over the toilet and most of today sipping gatorade and munching crackers. No need to go into details, but it was pretty darn bad. I probably told Keith more than once that I thought I was dying haha. Thankfully I have this really awesome husband who came to my rescue and faithfully took care of me all night long (even though I only slept for like 2 hours the whole night ew) and thankfully by around midnight I was able to keep some water down so that he didn't whisk me away to the hospital.

This sick day would have been a lot more fun if I wasn't actually sick. I've been hanging in bed all day being waited on by Keith, watching movies and eating popsicles :) Sounds pretty awesome right? Maybe I can convince him to do this all again tomorrow when I'm feeling 100% haha

Something fun that I do want to share today though is a feature that I did over at one of my favorite blog reads, wattlebird by the lovely Annie. She asked me to participate in her 4 Silly Questions series and it was a whole lot of fun.

Check out who my favorite one hit wonder is, and where I would go if I could go back in time haha

Keith is off all weekend, which is SUCH a treat. I'm hoping that my queasy stomach will calm itself and that tomorrow we can actually leave the house. Have a good weekend all! Anyone have cool plans?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Too good not to

I know I already over-shared on the photos of our recent NYC trip, but my dad just emailed me a few photos that deserve to be shared (especially since I wasn't positive my parents knew how to do that, did someone help you? I kid, I kid).

I really love this photo of the 5 of us. We look like we like each other, right?

We were pretty tired at this point in the evening, so we both have weird dreamy looks in our eyes haha

Here's a better photo of my grandmother and I, better than the one on my camera. And in case you were wondering.. that scarf she has that looks like a strange fuzzy critter? Well she gave me one of my very own. You can borrow it anytime you would like :)

Story behind this photo: We were at a jazz club that was playing a Stevie Wonder cover. Anytime Keith hears Stevie Wonder he uses it as an opportunity to show of his impression of the classic Stevie Wonder head shake. My father who can never pass up on a good joke obviously joined in and this was the picture that resulted. Good, good times haha

I love my family so much! I miss hanging out at my parents house, listening to good music and drinking great wine; staying up late and just talking. They are good people :)

Grey January

 5 reasons why today was great when it could have been lame:

1). Today was another snow day, which could have been a bummer since our kids really need all the school they can get, but it turned out to be awesome since I got SOOO much work done without their presence. Love them to death, but they make my brain spin haha

2). Keith has to work until midnight tonight which is always sad, but, my best work friend Sarah and I went to dinner together at Baja Burrito. Which was scrumptious :)

3). Another thing that makes Keith being at work all night just a little better? I get to shamelessly watch chick flicks until he gets home haha

4). I think I've mentioned once before that our house is very very cold. It's old and not insulated very well, but we manage. Tonight I don't have a warm husband to keep me warm on the couch but I do have my coat and gloves on AND my favorite blanket (that Keith outwardly hates and never lets me take out in his presence)
Yep. That's Garfield. best. blanket. ever.
5). Last but not least, after my amazing burrito all I could think about was eating a chocolate covered oreo like they gave away at work last week (our kids get donated bagged dinners on Thursday nights and we like to snag all the unclaimed treats). Well last I remembered I had scarfed all of those on, well... Thursday haha. I had given up on my dessert desire and then when I reached into my bag to grab my planner guess what I found!!!! Yep. One last awesome amazing tasty as heck chocolate covered oreo haha.

We love Nashville a lot, but this wet, cold and grey January is making me antsy for some sunshine and Spring. For now I'll just be dreaming... hope you all had a great day too!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dinner Disaster

Ok, so I have some kitchen confessions to make.

First of all, Keith does most if not all of the cooking in our house. He's the more adventurous one, where as I'm more of a follow the recipe kind of person, so I tend to lean more towards baking as an expertise. I don't claim to be great at cooking, but I know my way around a kitchen and can usually make things work. Well tonight, you could have nominated me for Worst Cooks in America.

It was that bad.

Keith is working late tonight so I knew that when I got home I would need to fix myself something simple for one. I knew we had a bunch of potatoes so I thought, why not do a little breakfast for dinner and make some fresh hashbrowns! I spent some time peeling the potatoes, and shredding them so they were just perfect, and I even chopped up an onion. At the end of this ordeal, I found myself kealed over the kitchen sink flushing my eyes because the onion was so strong and with a dinner that was the strangest combination of burnt and mushy. To top things off, I though we had some eggs I could pair with my hashbrown failure but we only had one, which was nowhere near filling enough. After I couldn't force myself to eat anymore I gave up and started doing the dishes. Just to add insult to injury the food chopper I used to cut up the onions sliced my finger in the sink leaving a bloody mess and a sink that was still full of dishes.

Dinner number one was a total failure that just seemed to continue getting worse haha. This was the point where Keith called me to check in on my night and I all but started crying as I retold my tragedy because all and all... I was still hungry and anyone who knows me well enough know that I'm not a happy camper when I'm hungry haha.

This is where dinner number two comes in. I didn't want to make dinner number two. I tried to resist making dinner number two in protest of dinner number one's terribleness, but like I said before... I was hungry and cranky.
Amazingness. This is my delightful veggie sandwich and fruity salad. aka what I should have just made in the first place. I had a similar sandwich at a restaurant in NYC and have very much enjoyed replicating it at home with some modifications. Toasted bread, hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and sproats. My salad has some fresh cut strawberries, craisens and raspberry vinaigrette. I am now a happy camper.

Lesson learned: let Keith do the cooking because I am no good at experiments.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This Week

Ft. Myers Florida 2007

My favorite things this week include:

-Finally having a day off with Keith. It was so refreshing just to do "nothing" and spend some time in our house. We were talking about it and realized that since both of us are at work so often our house has become our little cocoon of refuge and we had kind of let it go a bit. We only ever want to relax when we walk in the door so yesterday we actually put our laundry away and did some dishes haha.

-My weekend hang outs with Mrs. Meyer. Last Sunday while Keith was at work I spent his entire 8 hour shift sitting on the couch with Chelsey watching TV and snacking hahaha. It was the best ever and definitely what I needed after a stressful week at work. Yesterday I headed over there again, and even though I didn't stay the whole day it was nice to relax with someone else instead of feeling like I needed to sit at home alone. (even though preggers Chelsey is such a bad influence on my snacking habits haha I think I'm gaining some sympathy weight)

-Theo, and his adorable habits. I already wrote this week about how much he loves the shower, but even though our cat drives me crazy sometimes all his little tricks are so endearing. Every morning Theo wakes me up by scratching at the covers right by my face. At first I thought he was doing this because he wanted to get under the covers (he LOVES sleeping down by my feet under the covers.. who knows) but come to find out, he just wants to play and is looking for my hands, since those are his favorite toys. My wonderful husband always hears him doing this and quickly grabs the spray bottle to get him away, but I just think it's so funny that our little smarty-pants cat knows right where to find all the things he wants haha. 

-My new way to trick myself into loving water. I took a cue from my lovely co-worker Sarah and started putting fresh fruit into my nalgene bottle as an encourager to drink it more often. I started by putting a whole lemon in my bottle which is super yummy and just yesterday I decided to pop some frozen blueberries in there. I ended up eating them all once they had thawed out which was a nice little treat. Here's to staying hydrated this winter!

-The free smoothie I got at Panera yesterday! I always give Keith a hard time for have those little scanny cards on his keychain because they are always in the way and make me a little crazy.. BUT yesterday I had to eat my words a little bit haha. Chelsey and I stopped by Panera for a little snack yesterday and I decided to try one of their new smoothies. As I was ordering I remembered that Keith had a Panera card on his keychain and when the girl scanned it she told me that there was a free smoothie coupon on the card. I wanted to laugh haha but instead I just said "cool, thanks!" and walked away with a free smoothie. Free things are always the best, and surprise free things are even better especially when you were planning on paying for them. My lucky day!

Some things that I've been severely missing this week:

-Florida! for no other reason except for warmer weather! My apologies for complaining constantly, but I just feel like I've been frozen in an ice cube for the past few months. I'm just ready for it to be summer so I can start complaining about how hot it is haha. I want to go to the beach and swim in the ocean!

-Our little car Marty. I'm a little tired of our dumb rental car and how I can never find it in the parking lot because of how mediocre looking it is haha. Why do we have a rental car? Oh, just because Keith got rear-ended by a semi truck on the highway a couple weeks ago. It honestly sounds a lot worse than it was, no one got hurt except for our poor little car. Marty should be up and running by tomorrow and I couldn't be happier to have our car back all pretty and new. Something good about the rental car though? I got stuck behind a truck on the highway today that was pouring down de-icer on the roads and the car is pretty darn disgusting now hahaha glad it wasn't Marty!

Things that could have been better about this week:

-Not so great report cards. My students finally got report cards this week and most of them were less than stellar. I was really bummed when I saw this because I thought that I was having at least a little impact on their education so far, but all it means is that I've got a lot of hard work ahead of me before the 3rd marking period. I'm hoping that I can walk into work tomorrow with a new outlook and new energy to conquer 4th grade math haha

-The longest 30 minute run of my life. Somehow yesterday I convinced myself that it would be a great idea to go for a run. It was about 35 degrees out, and I'm sure I looked like a total crazy person. Things I learned: it is possible for your toes to be numb even when you're running and the streets in our neighborhood are A LOT hillier than I had previously thought. My butt hurts today, and I think I may wait until it's a little warmer out before I try again haha.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today I didn't go into work, mostly out of protest of Tennessee snow days, but also because I wanted to spend the day with my wonderful husband.

We started our day early with Sonic breakfast and another attempt at the DMV. After a relatively short wait (compared to when we tried earlier in the week) we walked out the door as official Tennessee residents :) I'm pretty sad that I had to forfeit my Pennsylvania license since the picture was the best I've ever had. Our Tennessee licenses? Not so much haha

Here is what Keith described as looking like "he got pushed into the middle of a highway in the darkest part of the night. Then a tractor trailer blew his horn, turned on his headlights and snapped Keith's picture with a camera mounted to the front of his truck."

Mine is just a bad angle and I feel like it's super zoomed in, but oh well. 

Tennessee, we're here to stay! As we were leaving this morning the man who processed our paperwork yelled across the room, "welcome aboard!!"

Friday, January 21, 2011

Morning Routine

There is definitely no hiding the fact that our cat is a little strange. He's been adjusting to our new house with ease, but he's developed some interesting quirks since we moved in.... like his love for our bath tub:

Every morning Theo and I have a little routine. He waits very impatiently for me to get up and then quickly follows me into the bathroom. He warms up in front of the heater for a moment and perks up when I turn on the faucet. While I shower he sits on the edge of the tub, careful not to get too close or get wet and then as soon as I turn off the water he jumps right in so that he can watch the last of the water drip from the faucet before he drinks all the excess water left in the tub. It makes no sense to me that an animal that hates getting wet loves the shower so much, but I won't fight him on it haha.

I thought this week was going to be a little more normal after the disaster of having 5 consecutive snow days, but of course, life isn't that easy. Monday my kids were out of school for MLK day so naturally we took them on an eight hour field trip which may have included a trip to Golden Corral and a snooze-fest of a college basketball game. Tuesday and Wednesday went on as planned but today in true Nashville fashion, everyone decided to majorly overreact about the snowy weather once again. After school programs were cancelled around the county, but no one at our center could make a decision about what we were doing. Instead of actually informing people about what was going on, we let some of the kids come in so we could make photocopies of their report cards and then made them walk home. It was a free-for-all, and could only be remedied by indulging in adult beverages after work. My favorite coworkers Sarah, Wen and I "braved the terrible snow and ice" and sat at a local mexican restaurant and vented about our days for a couple hours. I had a couple margaritas and Sarah ordered a 36 oz beer hahaha it was wonderful.

What's the best part of this whole weather situation? Tomorrow our kids aren't in school, and since I've gone into work on every other snow day... I'm not feeling obligated to show myself. Keith is off tomorrow, meaning we get to spend the whole day together just hanging out :) Cannot wait!

I am slightly sick of snow, mostly because Nashville just doesn't know how to handle itself. I never thought I would ever ever ever say this... but I kinda miss Philadelphia snow. At least in Philly we got a few FEET of snow so it was legitimate when businesses closed. Remember that morning Keith got our car stuck in a ditch on the side of the highway and hitch hiked to work? And all the trains were cancelled because the tracks were frozen, and my Friday morning class STILL wasn't cancelled? Yeah... suck it Nashville and your fear of 2 inches.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Field Trips

Amongst the chaos that was my day, I had just a little touch of brightness that erased all my stresses and frustrations.

Today my co-worker and I took our class of elementary students to the Frist Center to look at the Impressionism show that is currently there on loan from the Musee d'Orsay. Let me set this situation up for you a little bit: as much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE art and love to talk to my students about it, they really have little to no interest. Today was the free day at the museum so when we showed up with 21 reluctant kids who would have rather been playing basketball and we encountered a line around the building just to get in, I was ready to turn back. After waiting in line forever Murphy and I split up the kids to look through the galleries. It started off pretty well and I think that they all noticed how much I loved all the things we were seeing. I taught them how to read the labels to see when each work had been painted and who it was painted by and they were super excited when they recognized names from other galleries. We also talked about the difference between portraits, landscapes and still lives and by the end of our tour they could all pick out examples of each. Sounds pretty good right? Well, the museum was extremely packed the whole time, and I had to just get over the fact that 11 kids talking about art was going to be a little disruptive and cause people to stare haha. Something that I didn't even think about until we walked in was that there of course would be nude portraits, and the kids would have something to say about it. (Murphy had a girl who yelled out..."Oooo look at her titties!" I thought I was going to DIE laughing hahahaha) I also had to point out the security cameras to my kids and I told them that the security guards were watching them, so if they crossed the line they would be kicked out (little white lies always work :). Anyway, all was going well at first but things quickly took a turn for the worst. Picture this in your head... I'm standing in a room with like 40 other people. I've got a group of the only black kids in the whole museum. I've got 3 boys hanging off of me because they want my attention, 2 more trying to fight each other, I have one girl hysterically crying because she has to pee, and another one girl curled up in a ball on the floor because she thinks she's going to puke and I look up to see THIS:

I honestly thought that I was going to cry big huge tears of joy, because this could possibly be one of my favorite paintings of all time. If I had known this painting was in the show, I would have been at the Frist the day we moved here to Nashville. I'm considering using Christmas money to buy a membership just so that I can go visit it every day until these paintings are shipped back to France.

I immediately stopped dead in my tracks, looked at my students and said, "this is Ms. Richards' favorite painting and we need to stand here quietly to look at it." They shaped up and allowed me to stare longingly and even paid attention while I told them all about why Caillebotte was such an incredible artist and man. I couldn't have been happier :)

We left pretty soon thereafter because the museum was WAY too crowded and the kids had seen enough "titties" for one day.

Are we having fun yet?
When we were waiting for the bus I asked a couple students what their favorite painting was and Elijah said "I liked the one with the snow, but your favorite Ms. Richards was the one of those guys with no shirts on cleaning the floor".

At least they are learning something hahaha

Friday, January 14, 2011


Today was awesome because:

-Keith had the day off!
-I got to leave work early
-I had the tastiest veggie lunch mmm
-Our calender is finally hung and we can get ourselves organized
-We spent a lot of the afternoon hanging on the couch watching SVU together, just relaxing
-We went on a fancy date tonight!
-Theo went outside for the first time, and even though he was nervous
he totally loved it
-We got to spend the whole afternoon and evening together, just the
two of us which hasn't happened in so long and it totally ruined our
motivation to complete our to do list haha late afternoon nap before
dinner? Why not!

-Even though we didn't get to go to the movies tonight because it was SOO busy, now we get to do something even better... cuddle in bed and watch more SVU haha

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Keith and I took this at a photobooth we found in one of the restaurants we visited in New York last weekend. There is really nothing better than an old school black and white photobooth :) I wish that there were more of these around.

I love my husband a whole lot :)

Winter Wonderland

Didn't we move to the South to escape the dreadful Northeast winters? Well, apparently all that snow, ice and cold followed us here, and now I'm sitting in our cold little house under blankets praying for Spring haha. Right after our flight landed on Sunday night, Nashville got hit with a snow storm and we're still dealing with the effects. This is no where NEAR the amount of snow that other parts of the country are covered in, but in true Nashville form, school has been cancelled the past two days.

Today, I am seriously missing the beach, and that awesomely warm Florida sun. Can you send some my way?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mid-Winter Vacation

Yeah. Last week was a little busy haha. Getting back into the groove at work took a little more energy than I had predicted, and I forgot to mention that we were headed to New York City for the weekend. Since we didn't get to see my parents for Christmas they thought it would be lots of fun to all meet up in the city and have our own celebration even though it wasn't on the actual holiday. We left Nashville before the sun came up on Friday morning and started off our jam packed weekend from there. It was such a great trip! We had such a good time seeing friends and family, and even though it was absolutely freezing all weekend, we didn't let it stop us from doing everything we wanted to do. 

Friday when we arrived we immediately headed to the hotel, dropped off our stuff and then went uptown to meet my brother Jake at the Museum of Modern Art. After the boys waited forever in the coat check line we had some awesome lunch at the museums cafe and then checked out one of my favorite special exhibitions. After we started to fade we went back to the hotel for a little pre-dinner nap and then walked ourselves over to Blue Smoke for a seriously amazing dinner. Keith and I are old married people so going out afterwards never even crossed our minds... but our NYC friends who never sleep were disappointed they didn't get to see us. Meaningggggg, we needed to buck up on Saturday night haha.

Saturday Dad grabbed us some morning bagels and then we hopped over to Penn Station so we could get out to Long Island to visit family. My aunt and cousin picked us up and we started our drive out to my grandmothers nursing home. I was SO happy that we got to go out to see her because Keith hadn't gotten a chance to meet her yet or my aunt Pam and my cousin Eric. We spent the afternoon with Gram catching up and just enjoying being together. We ate a whole lot of food and had quite a few funny moments. After we left there we went over to see my cousin Thomas, and then shared a couple drinks at my aunt Nancy's house. We all piled into a car again so that we could head to dinner at City Cellar where we had a table of 10. After some great food and conversations mom, dad, Keith, Jake and I got back on the train and returned to the city. Like I said before, since we skipped out on the late night party on Friday we sucked down a Red Bull and went back out on the town. We found a little jazz bar called Arthurs and enjoyed some music and drinks. Once my parents had given up and retreated to bed Jake, Keith and I met up with Amanda, her friend Spencer and our favorite person Peter Grillo to listen to some more jazz over at Fat Cat, which was one of the coolest places I've been in New York. By about 2:30 my eyes were definitely starting to close so we trekked through the snow back up to our hotel and called it a night (err.. morning?). 

Sunday was pretty low key, we had a bagel early and then packed up all our things so we could head out of the hotel for the day. We checked our bags at the front desk and then hopped on the subway to get to brunch at a restaurant called The Smith. My dads best childhood friend Peter and his family came to join us for the meal and we had such a blast. Growing up our families always hung out and vacationed together, and there are ALWAYS great stories told around the table when we all get together. After we ate our weight in food we walked across the street and had a couple beers before mom, dad, Keith and I had to get to the airport. We all said our goodbyes and grabbed our bags at the hotel before we headed out of the city for good. We had a couple of long flights but thankfully the snowy Nashville weather decided to hold off until we had landed safely :)

I couldn't be more thankful for the time we got to spend with my parents this weekend. It's always so great to see them and when great food and drinks are added to the mix, it's an unbeatable combination.

Here is a photo diary of our adventure:
Our view from the hotel... notice the snow coming down on Friday afternoon

Lunch at MoMA

My dad and I LOVE Mark Rothko :)


Mom and Dad at Blue Smoke

On the train to Long Island

My Grandmother and I

The boys: Keith, cousin Bryan, Jake, Dad, cousin Eric

The Girls: Aunt Pam, Mom, me, Gram, and Aunt Nancy

There was a little accident where my mom and Pam broke a bag of garbage... we were all in hysterics (had to be there haha)

Mom and Nancy at City Cellar

Family friends Peter and Nancy with my Dad

Jake, Bryan and his girlfriend Lindsay at dinner Saturday

Family photo while waiting for the train

Foosball tournament at Fat Cat

Friends Ali, Jackie, and her boyfriend Tom at brunch Sunday
I think I still have some photos left to share, so hopefully I'll get my act together tomorrow. Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lots of Laughs

Saturday night we got another chance to hang out with some of our best friends here in Nashville. Trent put together a little couples night over at Tytus and Jamie's apartment (aka, our former home) and we jumped at the chance to meet Trent's girlfriend Jordana who was in town and to have some yummy food with friends. In attendance were Isaac and Carolyn, Ryan and Chelsey, Trent and Jordana, and of course Tytus and Jamie. Each couple made pizzas with whatever toppings we wanted and we all shared stories from Christmas and talked a lot about babies. Ryan had to work really early so he and Chelsey headed out a little early, while the rest of us geared up to play a riotous game of Loaded Questions. We played multiple rounds and I'm pretty sure I've never seen the boys laugh so hard. Us ladies were definitely full of surprises with some of our answers and overall we had SUCH a blast.

Here are some photos from the game:

I wish my camera's picture quality wasn't going downhill so fast :( As you can tell from these photos though, we all stayed up way past our bed times haha

All of our friends are pretty darn great.