Saturday, January 29, 2011

Moving Day

Today our good friends Ryan and Chelsey moved over to the east side of town so Keith and I along with some other great friends headed over to help them out. We got there a little early to help Chelsey go pick up the u-haul truck and then I helped by packing up the last of their things. Pretty soon after, Isaac showed up as well as Trent and his lovely girlfriend Jordana. The boys did all the lifting since I was still feeling pretty under the weather and Jordy helped out tremendously with the packing. Slowly but surely everything made it into the truck and then Keith and I were able to stop for some lunch with Isaac. I think I may have pushed myself a little too hard during the afternoon because once we got into the car after lunch to go and unpack the u-haul, I looked at Keith and just needed to go home. I'm not enjoying this food poisoning thing :( I'm just still not feeling 100% and eating anything makes me nervous so I've been pretty weak and not myself. Maybe by tomorrow? I ended up curling up in bed and passing out for a couple hours until Keith got home. I'm super bummed that I didn't even get to see their new place!! I'll have to make some time to go over this week. Need any help unpacking, Chelsey?

Here are a few photos I snapped as we were finishing up:
Jordy with the last of the kitchen things

I think Keith looks really angry in this photo, but he liked it haha

Trent (Keith insisted that I also include Trent's nickname "tricky dick")

Ryan pulling out in the truck
Can I just point out something pretty incredible.... did anyone notice that we're wearing TSHIRTS?! Wednesday was a snow day and today it could not have been more beautiful. The sun was out and all I wanted to do was lay in the park and pretend it was spring. Thank you Nashville for the little tease just to remind us that the weather DOES eventually get nice here. I'm sure by Monday you'll go back to being grey and cold but just for today I will bask in your amazingness :)

After my recovery nap Keith and I went to Pei Wei with Carolyn, Isaac, Trent and Jordy and I actually got to eat a substantial meal. My body is feeling a little bit revived, but I'm definitely not planning on entering an eating contest or a marathon anytime this week.

Now for an evening of SNL and cuddles in bed with my adorable husband and my adorable kitten.

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