Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Too good not to

I know I already over-shared on the photos of our recent NYC trip, but my dad just emailed me a few photos that deserve to be shared (especially since I wasn't positive my parents knew how to do that, did someone help you? I kid, I kid).

I really love this photo of the 5 of us. We look like we like each other, right?

We were pretty tired at this point in the evening, so we both have weird dreamy looks in our eyes haha

Here's a better photo of my grandmother and I, better than the one on my camera. And in case you were wondering.. that scarf she has that looks like a strange fuzzy critter? Well she gave me one of my very own. You can borrow it anytime you would like :)

Story behind this photo: We were at a jazz club that was playing a Stevie Wonder cover. Anytime Keith hears Stevie Wonder he uses it as an opportunity to show of his impression of the classic Stevie Wonder head shake. My father who can never pass up on a good joke obviously joined in and this was the picture that resulted. Good, good times haha

I love my family so much! I miss hanging out at my parents house, listening to good music and drinking great wine; staying up late and just talking. They are good people :)


  1. Bahh! That last picture is hilarious. Don't you love the weird looks you can catch when you just take out your camera and start snapping? And yes, I really do make noises like that when I laugh.

  2. Such good photos! I just came across your blog and am looking forward to following you. I'm looking forward to reading more about life in Nashville's a city that I love and keep aiming to get back to sooner rather than later.

  3. That looks like so much fun! Jus definitely gets in on the Stevie Wonder headshake action too.
    Also, I guess this is the first time I've really noticed your header but A) its super cute and B) you need to change your name, right?

  4. Lacey- welcome! I'm glad you've stopped by!

    Cole- Thanks! I'm not very graphic design savvy so thats just a little scanned image I put together. The figures are actually straight from our wedding programs, hence the maiden name, I'll eventually have to change it I suppose haha. It's ok to still love your maiden name right? haha

  5. ommgggg your dad and keith doing 'the stevie wonder' ------------------hahahahahahaha yessssssssss

    I love you guys.


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