Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Last night Keith and I had the AMAZING opportunity to go and see Mumford and Sons at the Ryman Auditorium, and even though we've both been there a couple of times it's always such a treat to listen to music in that building. Ready for some stories? Because this concert experience is FULL of them haha 

SO. The Mumford guys are currently in the studio recording a new album and they got bored so they wanted to take a break and play a few shows here in Nashville. Keith found out that these tickets were going on sale and wanted to surprise me with tickets for Valentines Day. Despite his best efforts to make that happen the tickets for 3 nights sold out within minutes and he wasn't able to get any. For the next few weeks he worked extremely hard trying to find tickets on craigslist or stubhub, and we finally settled into the fact that we were going to have to spend double face value at the least, and probably wouldn't be able to sit together. Still though! We could go! Fast forward to yesterday... day of the show. Keith is headed back to work from his lunch break and sees a facebook posting from the promotion company that put on the concerts saying that they had 25 tickets that they were putting on sale in the box office, but you had to go RIGHT THEN. My wonderful and speedy husband ran out of work without so much as telling people where he was headed, parked in the tour bus loading zone and got us those tickets! Now when I tell you these were awesome seats... shoot, we really couldn't have say anywhere better. It was so perfect. and even better! We found free parking downtown, which NEVER happens haha. It was meant to be. We saved $100 on tickets, had amazing seats TOGETHER and extra beer money :) 

The show was GREAT, we had so much fun, and the crowd was just so incredibly pumped it was impossible not to be really excited. They played a great mix of new and old songs and I wish that this could be the end of my stories haha. Unfortunately this was the first night of three shows and I think the guys were incredibly nervous, and had a bit too much to drink :/ Marcus forgot the words to one of the songs which they ended up scrapping altogether, and then towards the end he had to excuse himself from the stage to go throw up. The band ended up all walking off and coming back on a few minutes later to finish the set but we didn't get an encore, and I can't help but feel like we got short changed on songs. Overall I don't want to let that ruin the experience that we had because there really is no comparison to the sound inside the Ryman. We're thrilled that we got to go and see them, just a little bummed at how the night ended. Don't they know you can't drink beer and whisky, play your heart out and not have any water? haha I'm hoping tonight goes a little easier for them...

I know I mentioned this on instagram last night... but the experience of hearing a band stand on the edge of a stage in front of thousands of people with no mics or amps and for everyone to still hear them perfectly? Everyone needs to witness that at some point in their lifetime. 


  1. So jealous, Jantz and I love Mumford and Sons. What a fun/crazy show to be at. Hopefully they learned their lesson haha.

  2. That's an A+ story because getting tickets after something is sold out is AMAZING.

    I'm glad it worked out, sounded like so much fun.


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