Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Deck Life

All I have today are some super quick updates as I hurriedly use some wifi at a local coffee shop... hopefully next week we'll have our internet situation worked out and I won't have to exclusively blog from my phone anymore haha. Things at the new house are coming along SO NICELY and we are finally feeling settled all around. This house has certainly come along much faster than when we moved into our last place, and I am truly thankful for that. This weekend was spent running errands and gathering some necessities, but we also found some much needed time to relax. Overall we got a perfect amount of things done, but didn't feel overworked and really got to settle in to how much we're in love with the new house. 

I posted a photo last week of how beautiful the sun rise was from our deck, but now I'm excited to share how great it looks at night time! We got lights at Home Depot on Saturday, and even though it wasn't necessary to get them hung, we made it a priority because we were just so excited to make our backyard ready for entertaining. So... whoever wants to come over and have a beer with us in honor of our new deck, come on down! We're ready for yah! Can't wait for all the wonderful memories that will be made out here during the spring and summer!

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