Monday, March 26, 2012

With a Flame

Like I mentioned, this weekend was CRAZY busy, and was full of awesome friends and family that were here visiting (all within like an... 18 hour span haha). Amidst all of that we finally found some time to put together our fire pit out back and celebrated that with our annual burning of the Christmas tree. My father and our good friend Ben both cleverly pointed out that YES we did move our dried out, 4 month old Christmas tree from our old house to our new house just for the purpose of burning it haha. I would say that it was pretty worth it :)

We stood very far back and watched in awe

It took a total of a minute for the tree to be nothing more than a puddle of ashes, but the boys put together a nice warm fire for us, and we spent the rest of the night chatting, listening to music and enjoying the great outdoors. 

Keith's makeshift cooler haha

We enjoyed the fire so much on Saturday night that after everyone left town we called up our friends Tytus and Jamie and invited them over to join us for dinner and another evening of enjoying this beautiful Nashville weather gathered around our fire pit. Tytus gladly built us a fire that was so warm we had to keep moving our stumps back haha. Still, I'm hoping that this summer will bring us many cool nights so that we can continue to enjoy gathering in our amazing backyard with all our friends and family :)

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