Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spontaneous Show

Now that Keith is working in the music business world he's been much more interested in seeing live music and making it a priority to see great bands when they come through town. I think that it was something we've always liked to do, we just got kind of lazy about pursuing it when he was a regular 9 to 5er. Regardless, I think I've been to more shows in the past 6 months than I went to in the past 2 years haha.

For the past couple months Keith has been talking about this band The Head and the Heart, and mentioned how he wanted to see them live, but both of their Nashville shows were sold out. Flash forward to Monday: I had a super long day and kind of wanted to just come home and relax with my husband, but when I texted him that, what message did I receive? I JUST SCORED 2 TICKETS FOR SUPER CHEAP! hahaha I should have known ;) Thankfully Keith knows how to get me on board for anything: filling my belly with Moes and getting me a king sized butterfinger for dessert haha. In the end I'm so glad that we got to go to see them live. It was SUCH an awesome show, AND my friend Sarah was there too. It was nice to have a spontaneous little week night date, and we were still in bed before midnight (which is way past our old married people bed time haha)

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