Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm sad that I haven't gotten to put these photos up sooner, but the days seem to be flying by faster than I can count them. I promise that sometime soon I'll actually write about how work is going, and what life is like in the Richard's household these days... but "these days" have just been to full to make that happen, apparently! Last weekend Keith's family made the trip to Nashville to celebrate a slightly belated 50th birthday for his beautiful mother, and we all really had a blast. Keith's band played a show Friday night, Saturday we had a nice lunch, took the Yazoo tour and danced our butts off at the B52's concert and Sunday was all about relaxing together. Here are some photos from their visit:

Sunday, August 19, 2012


This post goes out to a very important lady in our lives, and I hope that she forgives me for putting this up a day late (you know how life just gets in the way sometimes...)

Anyway, Keith and I both want to wish a SUPER AWESOME EXTRA SPECIAL HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY to his beautiful mother Tami!!! Here's to 50 more years of being awesome! She will be in town next weekend to celebrate by going to see the B52's at the Ryman, and she was kind enough to let us tag along with her. Can't wait to eat lots of great food, listen to some killer music and just have a blast with her, Joe-dad and Christopher in town!

We love you and can't wait to see you!

kickin it old school since I'm still in wedding nostalgia mode...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cotton Anniversary

I've posted so many photos from our wedding that it seems silly to go back and force you to look at them again year after year. If you'd like to walk down memory lane with me, here is my initial wedding day post, photos of usthe ceremonybridal partyother important momentsdancingour send off and then last years First Anniversary flashback.

These past 2 years have been such a whirlwind. We've lived in like 4 different homes and each had 3 different jobs. The only really solid thing that we've had is each other, and of course, Theo. I wouldn't trade any of those experiences in, they have shaped us more than we can understand right now and I CANNOT wait to see where the next year will bring us (maybe we could stay at the same jobs though? maybe the same house too?)

As I've been thinking back on our wedding day recently, the one thing that keeps coming to mind is how much FUN we had. For as long and as stressful as the whole thing was to plan, we all had SUCH a blast! Flipping through the reception photos again and seeing everyones smiling faces is the best compliment that I could have ever asked for and I'm so glad that everyone got to party with us on that very important day. Here are some of my most favorite "fun" pictures from August 14, 2010:

People talk about renewing their vows, but can we just go relive that dance party? Without me having to wear a floor length dress in the middle of summer and look presentable for pictures? Because as long as I have Keith by my side the only other things I need are friends and good times. Love you all! My, how time does fly...

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Eve

On this night one year ago I was in my parents back yard with just about every person on this planet that I love the most. We rehearsed the wedding ceremony, put some finishing touches on things, made the last phone calls and orders and then ate dinner and relaxed by the pool. I was calm but still very anxious. Would everything go the way I planned it? Would the food taste good, would everyone show up on time? Would it rain? So much uncertainty, but the one thing I was certain of was him. I knew that I would go to sleep as me, and before I went to bed again the next day, it would be we. Best choice I ever made.

I think one of my favorite bloggers Emily really captured my feelings when she said, "1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, and I had the privilege of meeting you." 

I couldn't be more thankful for you, Keith Alan Richards. Thank you for being my husband for 2 whole years and for choosing to love me better each and every one of those days. You give me reasons to smile and laugh and to be the best version of myself even when it seems impossible some days. You forgive me on the days that I fall short, and you love me even when I don't show you the love you deserve. For that you are my favorite, and for that I am grateful. For the past 730 days, I have been a wife, and I look forward to a million more of learning how to do that better. I am yours, forever.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Perfect Day

This Saturday Keith and I had one of the most perfect days.

It all started out with a a fluke weather occurrence... a 65 degree morning during the middle of August! As I was leaving the house for Zumba and felt how awesome it was, I ran back inside to wake Keith up and announce that it was going to be an outside day (he wasn't so happy about the whole waking him up thing, but at least he was a good sport ;) When I got home we did a few things around the house, Keith made me breakfast and then we got ready to drive a couple miles down the road to partake in the annual East Nashville Tomato Art Festival. We walked around and checked out a lot of the booths, ran into a couple people we knew and then got in line for one of our favorite lunches from the Biscuit Love  food truck. So darn delicious! After lunch we were feeling rather full and sluggish, but still wanted to enjoy the great weather, so we went over to our favorite park: Shelby Bottoms to grab a couple bikes from Nashville's GreenBikes bike share program. We're obviously pretty familiar with the greenway because that is where we did all of our 1/2 marathon training, but it is such a different experience to ride it rather than run. It was such a great little afternoon activity and before we knew it we had biked 6 miles and were ready to come home to relax. The rest of the evening was nice and leisurely, we took a long nap, and then cooked a delicious dinner together that we got to eat out on our deck. We haven't been out there in awhile because of how hot it's been, but last night we both actually thought to ourselves that we were a bit chilly... what a strange August happening haha. Here are some photos from our great day:

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Library Love

A couple weeks ago my parents sent me this article from their local newspaper about how the library we got married at is starting to become a popular wedding spot. I've left it out on our dining room table since I got it in the mail and every time that I walk past and see it, I can't stop smiling. Maybe it's just because our 2nd anniversary is only 9 days away and I'm just all sappy in general, but I just really love that place, and I loved that day and all the people who were there to celebrate with us :) So many amazing memories! I'm so proud of that library and the symbol that it is for Keith and I; I couldn't be happier to have a place like that to go and visit and relive all those good times.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


This past weekend we ventured southeast to Georgia to celebrate the birthday of a very important man: Keith's grandfather! I ended up getting an extremely painful sore throat while we were there (why does something ALWAYS happen to me in Georgia?!) but we still were able to have a great time at Papa's party and really enjoyed seeing Keith's whole family in one place. The other great thing about this weekend was that Joe-dad's good friends Meg and Mike from Philly who were like our second parents when we lived there, were also in town, so we got to catch up with them as well! All around... great times, just wish I had felt a little better on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Here are some photos that I snapped at the party! Keith's mom did such a great job putting the whole thing together!

Driving through the mountains, all too familiar.

Mom and Joe-dad's new kitten Ozzy!

We were best friends :) 

Papa's cupcake scooter cake

Some classic photos, I helped Tami put those together!

Love love love this one of Keith and his grandfather hahaha

Blowing out the candles

Papa and his grandkids

Keith and Christopher

Booze Tour

Apparently the only things that we do with our friends the Berger's involve drinking! 2 weeks ago we doubled up on our weekend hangouts with them once again and met at the local distillery Corsair for a tour and tasting. The tour was pretty short and uneventful but I LOVED their signature cocktails, and the atmosphere there was great for hanging out and talking with our good friends. Here are some photos from our day:

Beers in the taproom before our tour

In front of their historic still

Tasting room

Blood orange soda and vanilla vodka = SO GOOD!

This is what we get when we ask the boys to take our picture... stupid forward camera haha

Brittney and I

Love these friends!!