Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Wedding Photos: Just Us

Before I start with the photos I just want to go ahead and thank our photographer Christopher Moody one more time. I've known Chris for a while now, since he used to date one of my best friends Janelle. I've visited him when he was at school in Savannah and come across him in my many trips to Nashville as well, and he has always by such a kind and genuine friend to me and Keith. He did us such a huge favor by coming down to Florida for the wedding and capturing every moment of our wedding weekend and we were so happy to have him there celebrating with us. Visit his website for sure, and check out all the amazing stuff that he does.

Here are some of the shots that he took of just Keith and I just after the ceremony.

Keith had decided that he didn't want to see me in my dress at all before I walked down the aisle at our ceremony. He thought it would be really cute to have Chris take our photo on either side on the bridal suite door though just as we were getting ready for the wedding to start. I was just glad that after running late getting my hair done and feeling a little stressed that I could hold his hand and say "see you in a couple minutes :)"

And then here are a few from before the ceremony, in our dressing room and my shoot with Chris.

(as a small side note to friends and family that may want copies of these photos: these that I posted are very low res versions of the actual files, if you do what to get prints made of anything PLEASE don't save these images here, contact me and I'll let you know how you can get the files from our photographer)

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