Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bike Adventures

There is just something about the weekends when the weather is nice that makes me want to get outside and do ANYTHING. Some days are easier than others to muster up the energy to leave the couch, but thankfully Keith is on board for my weekend adventures. Yesterday we caught up on some shows, and then we on a really great bike ride at our favorite park. We had already planned on going to the mall after our ride, but as we got further down the trail we remembered that if you go up and over the bridge you could get to that part of town... or so we thought. I must have forgotten the part where the map said "proposed" trail to Opry Mills. So after we biked a mile or two out of the way and up a hill, we were a little bummed to find out that there was no safe way for us to get the the mall, oops haha. Anyway, it was fun, we got a little extra exercise and when we were all done we still got to make a trip to the mall... just in our car haha.

This is his, "wait I just rode up that hill for nothing" face

Into the Woods

Last weekend I was oddly feeling really sick on Friday night which continued a bit into Saturday morning. Thankfully the weather couldn't have been nicer, and even though I had zero energy, Keith still agreed to take me on a hike to Radnor Lake. I think the fresh air did us both some good, and I always love having some uninterrupted quiet time to talk to Keith. 

and then of course... quiet time to cuddle on the couch with this little bug (when he's not out killing all the cute baby animals in our yard, ugh)


At the end of September, Keith got a chance to go to Atlanta to see Chipper Jones' last home game as an Atlanta Brave with his family and even my favorite aunt, Kathleen. I had made other plans for the weekend before I knew Kathleen would be joining them, so I wasn't able to make it to hang out, but I'll live vicariously through their great photos.

LOVE this shot of Kathleen and Keith

and this one of him and his mom

Keith, his mom and brother at the Duluth Fall Festival
While Keith was away for the night, Theo and managed, but it was pretty evident that we missed him a lot:
Theo ousted most of the shirts in Keith's drawer just so he could take a nap in there

but we did get to say goodnight to him

One of the greatest parts of the whole weekend though was that one of our favorites ANNA came to visit! We hadn't seen her since Bonnaroo so it was such a nice treat when she called and said that she would be coming to town for work and wanted to hang out with us. I'm just bummed that I didn't take more pictures while she was here! Regardless, we love her and wish that we got to see her more often! While she was here we drank lots of Yazoo beer and ate at some of our most favorites: FidoThe Pharmacy, and Hattie B's

Isn't she just the prettiest?!


I would like to take just a quick second to brag about my awesome husband for a moment or two: Since November he has been working for a booking agency called Elite Talent Agency and has been doing SO many cool things for them. For at least the past 6 months he's headed up signing and supporting smaller indie bands, and has found some really great musicians that are going to be really fun to follow in the coming years. With a couple of them being local we've gotten a few chances to go and watch (although Keith certainly goes to more shows than I do). Here are two bands that I think you should check out too:

The Vespers


It's been forever! I've been pretty consumed with my job these past couple of months which has left me exhausted, and with few words or pictures to share from our day to day. I promise that we haven't completely fallen off the map though, and I've got lots of fun things to share with you. Thank you to all the friends and family members who reached out and asked me about when they were going to get to see a new update... I think your persistence helped tremendously with my writers block. For as hard as it may be some days to prioritize writing on our blog, I already know that in the long run it makes a huge difference to be able to look back and see all of the great things that Keith and I have accomplished together.

I guess we can go ahead a call this season of life, "The Year Dana Got A Full Time Teaching Job And Needed More Sleep Than She Thought Possible". I'm also discovering more and more the things that are most important to me, one of them being: spending as much quality time with Keith in the evenings as I can, which means that most nights my beautiful little computer gets left unattended. To which I say- oh well. This is all to stay, that I hope I can keep family and friends updated with photos and stories of what's going on in our lives, but if it doesn't happen as regularly as it used to: don't be surprised. Life is moving faster than we can comprehend most months, but we're HAPPY and in love and couldn't be more excited about all the things that are happening for us right now.

So right now I leave you with this photo of some of the kiddos. This is the face I get 100% of the time that I ask them to smile for a picture... it's like they've never seen a camera before (or maybe I have something on my face?) and it makes me laugh EVERY TIME. Enjoy:

superheros? huhh?