Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday Funday

Keith had his first Sunday off in a long time yesterday, so we were able to spend some quality time hanging out. Church was cancelled because they weren't going to be able to get the parking lot plowed in time, but we were both secretly happy to sleep in I think. After a Saturday full of snow fall and 48 hours inside our apartment I was certainly ready to get out an enjoy a sunny snowy day.

Keith made us some very yummy french toast for breakfast and then we started our hour long quest for a sled so that I could go on my first sledding adventure!

We just wanted one of those cheap plastic disk things but no store we went to sold them. We finally remembered that we had a huge tupperware container at home that we could use the lid from so we grabbed that an headed to a hill over at a local golf course. (thanks mom and joe for the recommendation!!)

The lid was ok... not great. Everyone said that all we needed was a cardboard box, trash can lid etc etc but we quickly learned that pretty much everyone that had a real sled or foam board type deal was having way more fun than us. Also.. innertubes are the way to go. All the people that were there could tell we were total newbies so Keith eventually asked this guy if we could borrow one of his families disks.

Way. More. Fun.

We each took a run on that, and then the nice man offered to let us use this double foam board thing (for Floridians think boogieboard but with handles) so we were able to take some rides together. Again... way more fun than our lame tupperware top haha

Keith also learned that in the process of stopping yourself at the bottom of the hill (so that you don't fall into the frozen creek!) that you get lots of snow in your face that all gathered in his beard :) We had a blast at the golf course. There were so many families there with really cute kids and I think the best part was that all the adults were just as into sledding down the hill as the kids were. I can definitely see of doing this when we have kids of our own.

My first time sledding turned out to be very very fun, despite a minor injury and coming home with purple toes haha Our first time going down the hill together we went up and over a snow ramp that someone had built up; when we hit the ground again though our heads smashed together leaving me with a swollen cheek bone courtesy of Keith's hard head haha What's a day sledding without some bruises to show for it though??

After our afternoon adventure Keith and I came home to relax for a bit and then headed over to my friends Aly and Dan's house to watch the Super Bowl. Something that Keith and I really wanted to be intentional about in 2010 is trying to make friends here in Philadelphia, since we really only spend time with each other. Aly and I both started at Temple in the fall, have had classes together, and hang out around campus all the time, but hadn't spent too much time with each other outside of class. When we found out that Keith's almost step dad Joe wasn't going to be coming to town with all the snow fall we got, we were looking for some Super Bowl plans and I called up Aly to see if she would be interested in getting together. Her and her boyfriend Dan recently bought a house so they were happy to have visitors to come and check it out. Overall we had a really great time there. Ate way too much junk food, drank beer and laughed a lot. I think that Keith and Dan both appreciated having another guy to talk to about sports, and Aly and I were just happy to be gorging on pizza and doritos (ugh I still have a tummy ache from that haha). I think now that the ice is broken we'll be spending more time with them in the future. Keith spotted one of his favorite Georgia BBQ restaurants on the way to their house so now we have an excuse to get together again.

I would also like to note here, that at this point I couldn't be happier with my life. I get to spend everyday with the love of my life and best friend on the planet. We have the coolest cat I've ever met (sorry Spooky and Leelou) seriously every time I look at Theo I'm amazed at how awesome I think he is haha also for the first time since we've moved I actually feel like we're building a community here. We've definitely had to step out of our comfort zones and are actively making time to spend developing friendships and doing things with people other than ourselves. This semester has gotten off to a great start, I've picked out research topics for all the paper I need to do and I even talked to my advisor about taking art education classes in the fall. Also Keith and I are getting more secure financially which is a huge deal if you're someone who consistently lives paycheck to paycheck. I think that we're actually going to be able to paint our apartment this month and start decorating! This makes me so excited because I can't wait to make our apartment look more like a home.

Again and again I'm just learning that with a little bit of trust everything will be ok, no matter how much or how little I choose to stress. 2010 is definitely shaping up to be our year (even though winter is far from over and I'm definitely frozen solid and snotty ugh, hurry up spring!)


  1. AH MY GAD I LOVE SLED DISKS! And French toast...sounds amazing.

  2. You need to buy us one then! They are no where to be found haha What we really need are some inflatable pool floats but they don't sell things like that year round up here. I'm totally stocking up next time I'm in Florida haha


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