Thursday, August 15, 2013

One Month

Four whole weeks have past since the day that Jonah was born, and it's almost impossible to put into words how in love we are with this little boy. There are times that I just look over at Jonah and smile to Keith, "he's just SO CUTE!" It's overwhelming. He certainly has been keeping us on our toes, and keeping us pretty tired since he arrived, but overall we couldn't be more thankful for our happy, sweet baby (and all the googly eyes he gives us). These past four weeks have been some of the fastest of my life, but they have been full of smiles, laughter and just a few tears. Thankfully he loves to eat, and loves to sleep... with just a little fussing in between occasionally. We're so happy that this month has been filled with friends and family, and that we've gotten to share Jonah with so many people who love us so well. In this month we've been blessed beyond belief with meals, groceries and visitors who've come with open arms to help in any way we've needed. It's beyond amazing! 

Here are some of Jonah's milestones for the month:

He's gained almost 3 pounds, and grown 2 1/2 inches 
He has lost most of the hair on the front of his head (making him look even more like an old man)
He has fallen into a fairly regular 3 hour schedule of eating, playing and then sleeping
At night, he's been giving us some longer stretches of sleep, the best being 6 consecutive hours!
He's cheeks and belly have expanded generously, but we're still waiting for some chub on his arms/legs
He calms to the sound of our voices, and falls asleep when we rub his forehead
He loves/hates the swaddle and spends most of the night trying to break out
His baby acne is starting to clear up, but he still loves to scratch his face
He has been giving us lots of smiles, and has started talking and cooing at us
He tries to fight it, but the car puts him to sleep every time. 
He has peed on pretty much everyone who has changed him (dad being the most common victim)
He loves his bouncy chair, and the swing
He took very well to a pacifier, and has already drank 2 bottles with daddy in prep for school
He's been to a couple restaurants, and slept through it every time
He and I have gotten out of the house together quite a bit, and though we try to time it perfectly... we've nursed in a couple bathrooms, cars and friends houses. He doesn't seem to mind very much
He LOVES to kick! (which I already knew from his time in the womb...)
He likes to be held and rocked, but doesn't mind when we lay him down in his crib to sleep
His eyes are getting bluer by the day
He makes lots of startled/grumpy faces in pictures, but he's such a happy boy :)

We love you Jonah!

3 Years

I can hardly believe that three whole years have passed since we said vows and promised to be a team forever. So much has changed in these years- for better or for worse, and we made the best of it all together. Never once in the past 1096 days did I ever want to quit or give up. This life journey we're on wouldn't be nearly as exciting without my partner. Husband of mine: you are the greatest! Here are some of the highlights these past three years:

We've lived in 2 different states, and 4 different homes.

We've had 8 different jobs between the two of us (5 for me, 3 for him).

We've bought 2 cars and a scooter.

We've travelled high and low; in cars, planes and boats.

We've loved and lost our first pet.

We've spent holidays with family, and alone.

We've gone on adventures in our cities and eaten all kinds of amazing foods.

We've run for miles and miles together, and biked a few too.

We've stayed up late talking about all the things that may come next.

We've watched countless movies and tv shows together on our brown leather couch.

We've acted like kids and fought over who does the dishes next.

We've jumped in the snow and lounged in the sand.

We've gone on hundreds of dates.

We've made new friends, and felt thankful for the old ones.

We've gone to sporting events and concerts.

We've watched dozens of friends get married as well.

We've cooked, and baked and hiked and climbed and all the while... we have loved.

But the greatest thing that we've done in all three of these years? We made a BABY! and he's the sweetest and squishiest little baby there ever was. Thank you Keith for giving me Jonah. If he grew up to be just like you, I would have no complaints.

Marriage has made us the best of friends, and now it has made us parents too. Here's to many more fabulous years together!