About Us

Keith and Dana Richards.

She loves art, and playing with kids. He loves playing music and watching lots of sports. He's from Georgia, she's from Florida and now we live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Together we love to eat, we love to have fun, we love our friends and family, we love our God, we love our cat, we love our city and our house, we love to laugh, we love to adventure and most of all, we love each other. 

After meeting through mutual friends we dated long distance for what felt like a lifetime. Keith moved to Florida for me, and then we moved to Philadelphia together (that's where the "my first winter" comes into play). We figured out life all on our own, got engaged and then got married on August 14th, 2010 in my hometown of Boca Raton, Florida. I couldn't pretend that I enjoyed grad school any longer so I decided to quit and take Keith and I on a grand adventure of uncertainty. Now we live in a cute little house in Nashville loving every minute of our little life. 

Welcome to our world!

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