Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Review

This past year was such a good one for Keith and I. One of my favorite things about this year though... is that we've had this blog to capture it all. I've been having so much fun today going back through each month and reliving our year through pictures and stories. I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading about our lives as much as I've enjoyed writing about them. This was SUCH a momentous year for us... so here are some highlights:

In January I did a recap of 2009 and marveled at how big our little Theo was getting:

In February we got more snow that I had ever seen before and I went sledding for the first time. We got still more snow and visited friends in DC so I could get a wedding dress! We finished off the month by painting our bathroom and kitchen to make our little apartment more of a home. 

In March my friend Molly and I posed like Rocky at the museum, then Keith and I went to Florida for Spring Break, and I spent a weekend in NYC to research for a paper I was writing. I did a little DIY project on our futon and excitedly counted down the days until our wedding.

In April Katelyn Smith came to town and so did my mother! Keith turned 24 and we found our new favorite burger restaurant. We also went on a date to see Date Night and then finished all our apartment painting.

In May I completed my first year of grad school and travelled to Nashville to see some best friends get married. I put wedding planning on overdrive, sent out our invitations, went to my first Phillies game and had an authentic Jersey Shore experience with Aly.

In June Carolyn and Isaac visited us and we spent many weekends BBQing at Dan and Aly's. I had my first wedding shower in upstate NY, went to the zoo with mom and got touristy with some family in town. I finished the month with a trip to NYC for Father's Day.

July was the month we met the biggest cat in the world, Henry for the first time. Jonathan visited and took Keith to a couple Phillies games. I went to Florida and said goodbye to my first pet Lucy and then a couple weeks later we said goodbye to another close friend... our car :(

In August WE GOT MARRIED! Went on a fabulously relaxing Honeymoon and bought our very first car! It was the best month ever!

In September we took our new car on a trip to DC, and we went on lots of dates. We celebrated Dan and Aly's engagement, and visited Boston with them. It was such a busy month!

In October we roadtripped to New York City and then I baked a lot. Keith's mother visited us and Theo turned one year old! We celebrated our friends new job and picked out a pumpkin in time for Halloween.

In November we were FULL of surprises! We headed to Florida for Kathleen's birthday and then Jake and Robert visited us. Then! WE MOVED TO NASHVILLE! I turned 23 and we had Thanksgiving in Georgia.

And now to December.... we got some snow, decorated our first real tree together, and went to a hockey game. We celebrated the anniversary of our engagement and I fell in love with my students.

SUCH an awesome year! It is going to be very hard to top this one, but I hope that 2011 will continue to impress us. We're excited to be here in Nashville and to see where this adventure takes us :) Thanks for sharing our world with us this year!!

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