Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nashville Snow

I remember one of the things that I told myself I was excited for when we moved to Nashville was a milder winter. This has NOT been the case so far. It has been FREEEEEZING here. Like the Philly kind of cold. I've pulled out all my boots, hats, scarves and coats I thought I would never wear again and I've been battling the weather with ease. All week the news had been boasting that it was going to snow this weekend and I was a bit skeptical because from what I could tell, the snow here isn't nearly as intense as the snow we encountered last winter (I am obviously a snow snob now). It flurried all morning and I didn't think it would actually stick but looking out the window now... It's pretty darn white out there.

I took these about an hour ago, and there is a noticeable difference now. I can't wait to turn on the news and see people freaking out. I just love when people overreact about weather :)

My apologies for not posting any pictures from the inside of our new house yet but we're still in the process of getting settled and I'm not sure you'll get a great idea of what our place looks like through pictures of boxes piled up everywhere haha. By the way, as you may have assumed by now... WE HAVE INTERNET! So now I can start catching up on everything we've been doing recently.

Tonight Keith and I are finally going to decorate our house for Christmas!! I'm super excited to get our house into the holiday spirit. I feel like I want to have a Christmas party this year just because I'm so excited about it. I think it really helps that I'm teaching this year and I'm surrounded by kids who still believe in Santa :)

Here are some other things that are getting me into the Holiday mood: My two Christmas favorites!

Lastly, one of my favorite things about snow is watching Theo watch the snow haha. He is absolutely mesmerized by it and has been sitting at the window all day:

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  1. your house is so cute! and we've had some flurries on thanksgiving, and this morning, but that's it. oh yeah and it's 37 in philly and 19 in nash. what is UP with that?!


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