Friday, December 17, 2010

Camera Phone Recap

Here are some things that have happened this week:

- Last Friday Keith and I packed up a bottle of wine and drove over to a house show to see our friends Lula Mae and to listen to their sweet sweet tunes.

- Saturday I hung out with my best friend Steve and watched Home Alone. Then I met up with friends Tytus, Isaac, Carolyn, Ives, and Trent to eat some AMAZING barbeque at Martins Bar-B-Que Joint. Afterwards we watched A Christmas  Carol and ate peppermint ice cream.

- Sunday it snowed and snowed and snowedddddd.

I stayed under the covers while Theo roasted in front of the heater haha

- Monday and Tuesday my students had snow days so we decorated our Christmas tree and took a field trip to the Opryland Hotel to look at all the pretty Christmas lights.

- Wednesday my students had a half day (meaning they did nothing at school and obviously had no homework) so when they arrived we played around with my phone and took silly pictures :)

Thursday was my students last day of school before winter break so we had a big holiday party for them. A company called VFImagewear sponsored the event and they had something called the "From Me To You Store". The company donated lots of different gifts that the kids could go pick out and then they helped them wrap them up for Christmas this year. These weren't gifts for our kids though... they were mostly all gifts for adults... so that each kid had something to give to their parents this year (or to their brothers and sisters. SO many little boys picked out gifts for their sisters and it made my heart so happy. Adorable.) While the kids were going "shopping" and wrapping gifts we watched movies, ate pizza and made reindeer out of construction paper.

This right here is my favorite student ever, Mohamed Mohamed (more on his awesomeness later). Someone donated socks for all the kids but while we were getting ready to leave he pulled me aside and told me that he really wished that the socks were some new gloves because he didn't have any. My heart was totally broken, but I thought it would be funny if I showed him how he could make his socks into gloves haha. I put them on his hands and he got so excited because he thought it was as hysterical as I did. After I put the white pair on him, he whispered "Can you put the black ones on me too?". After we had a good laugh about it I had him take them off and then went to find him a pair of gloves and a nice warm hat (that little zip up sweater he has on is what his mom called a coat :-/ ). He's probably the coolest and smartest 6 year old I've ever met :)

This week was definitely tough with my kids being off of school basically all week and my regular schedule being flipped on its head but our little party on Thursday made it all worth it. I've only known these kids for a month now but I'm totally in love with them all. I'm really really going to miss them while they're at home for winter break but I can't wait for January to come and to continue to do my job to the best of my ability.

How was everyone else's week?

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