Monday, December 13, 2010

Hockey Fans

Today I got to work and found out that I had won two tickets to the Predators game this evening. I called up Keith and asked him if he wanted to go and we decided that it would be lots of fun... plus, it was free and a free date night is always at the top of our list.

I got home from work early because our kids had a snow day so I took a quick nap and then we suited up to face the bitter cold 15 degree night. We had some dinner at Pei Wei which was SO GOOD and then headed downtown for the game. My husband played this really awesome game called "let's see how far away we can park just so that it will be free". He definitely won at this game, BUT we nearly froze to death walking the 8 blocks to the arena haha. We seriously had such a great time at the game just being silly and cheering for the home team. The Predators won 5 to nothing meaning that we get free Frosty's at Wendy's! We even got to sit in a fancy box because some rich company donated the tickets to the non-profit that I work at. We definitely want to go again and invite some more people to come with us next time.

We were super nerds and wore our matching Flyers t-shirts which were not exactly appropriate for the occasion because they weren't even playing haha but they're the only hockey related things that we own and they say our last name on the back.

Here are some shots from the game:

Not paying for the tickets or parking freed up some money for beer haha. I am a firm believer that watching sporting events is way more enjoyable when the team you're cheering for wins and when you get to drink beer along the way. Besides being cold for most of the night it was a total blast, and I will most definitely enter to win more tickets in the future. (We checked and the Flyers already played here this season so we won't get a chance to cheer on our favorite team live this year boo)

As a final note! Nashville needs to chill out with calling off school this week! I'm ready to get my regular work schedule back haha


  1. I love watching sports live, especially hockey.

    I really want to see the Miami Heat play, preferably for free.

  2. Man, I'll ask Papa Beal if he's got the hook up! I know they go to games from time to time and he never pays for things when he can get them for freeeeeee.


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