Friday, December 17, 2010


Lets do a little rewind and pretend it's not the middle of December already. Here are some shots from our quick trip to Georgia for Thanksgiving:

22 lb bird mmm

Our master chef and host extraordinaire 

Steven preparing to feast

Me preparing to feast

Our epic spread. I wish I was eating this right now.

Keith and Mom after a very very long day

Steve filming Keith who is singing about his day

I asked Steve for some soda and he poured it into a bowl. Jerk.

One of the ADORABLE stray kitties outside of Mom and Joe's house. Doesn't he look like he could be Theo's new best friend??

Relaxing after the Thanksgiving of the century.
So I think that it's time to finally share our epic Thanksgiving tale. I feel like we all dropped hints about something strange happening but without an internet connection we didn't really have a chance to fully share.

So lets start at the beginning: Keith strangely got the day before Thanksgiving off from work, so I switched my schedule up a bit so I could be off too and we hit the road to Georgia right when I got off of work on Tuesday night. As you can tell from the photos, our great friend Steve joined us, and kept us very entertained on the 4 hour trip. We went to Keith's friend Jonathan's house that night and headed to bed almost immediately. Wednesday morning we woke up and went out for some yummy breakfast and then Jonathan and Keith worked on building a deck while Steve and I laid on the couch and watched movies haha. Before heading out to Keith's mom's house we stopped in and saw his dad for a bit and also got a chance to see Keith's brother Christopher who couldn't join us for Thanksgiving dinner because he works at Old Navy and they were going to be open that day. We packed up and headed to the boondocks where Mom and Joe live and woke up in the morning prepared to eat the feast of a lifetime.

That of course is not what happened. While we were watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Keith's mother gets a collect call from the Barrow County jail. Christopher was driving back to Athens where he lives and works that morning and got pulled over for speeding. He had a ticket a while back that he didn't take care of right away and missed the court date. That led to his license getting suspended, which he thought that he had gotten taken care of, but apparently he missed one little step and didn't pay a particular fine. This means that he had been driving on a suspended license since February so when the cops that pulled him over on Thanksgiving saw that they immediately handcuffed him and took him to jail. Definite craziness. So once Tami got that call, her and Joe and Keith spent the next hour frantically figuring out how they were going to bail him out. Tami and Keith then set out on an epic adventure leaving Steve, Joe and I at home drooling over the awesome food that was in the oven.

First they had to go an hour south to take out a property bond on Tami's house to use for bail. Then they drove another hour and a half to where Christopher was in jail. Once they got him they had to get his car out of impound, take him back to his apartment and then drive him to work. They didn't arrive back at the house until 7pm after leaving at noon. Long long day :) They were definitely troopers. It was the craziest thing that could have happened on what was supposed to be a super relaxing holiday. Thanks Chris ;-) (joking of course) This will forever be the Richards' family Thanksgiving where Christopher got bailed out of jail.

Thanksgiving hightlights: Getting to wear my PJs for 3 days, seeing friends and family, drinking all day with Joe and Steve, FOOD! lots of sleeping in and naps, and having a nice break from work.

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  1. yiiiiiiiiikes! Crazy story!

    I do like the soda in a bowl picture. He's a jokester!


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