Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy Sunday

This morning Keith and I were pretty reluctant to roll out of bed since we didn't get to sleep last night until after 2am, ugh. The last Saturday before Christmas means that Keith had to work until after 1am. As much as I'm having a great time with the holiday season now that we have a house, I'm pretty ready for it to be January so I can have my husband back. I'm sure anyone who works in retail or lives with someone who does can relate. We did get our butts up though, despite my apparently unconvincing pleas, and we headed to church. Afterwards Keith treated me to a breakfast feast at Waffle House. 

I ate way too much food and thought that it was going to be one of those "my eyes were bigger than my stomach" type situations... until I cleared my plate haha. Such a yummy surprise this morning, and pretty worth getting up for. 

After breakfast we embarked on a 3 hour journey of errand running, starting at Target. We had compiled a pretty hefty list of items that we wanted to get for the new house and thanks to some housewarming gifts and early Christmas money we were able to get most of the things we needed. At Target we got shelves, a wall mount for our TV, some Christmas presents and even a cat hat for Theo:

Can you tell how thrilled he is? Not hahaha. It's just like a toy for him to try and rip off as soon as I put it on him, which is all that I could have expected. I just love torturing him :)

After Target we bought some wrapping paper and bows at the dollar store, tried unsuccessfully to find some curtain rods at Kohls, then we bought some firewood off the side of the road and stopped by Home Depot on the way home. We got some more shelves, found the curtain rods that we wanted and a few other little things. It felt like we were gone FOREVER and I was really hoping for a nap when we got home, but Keith had about a million other projects on his mind. First we built a firepit in the backyard and then Keith put up lots and lots of shelves (some more successful than others). In the mean time, I cleared the sink of dishes and wrapped a bunch of presents. Keith also grilled us up an awesome dinner which was a nice break from all the work. Honestly? I'm not a whole lot of help around the house and was probably more in the way than anything haha. Overall, our kitchen is pretty much done as far as projects go! (Pictures tomorrow, I hope) Our tv is on the wall in our bedroom and we also have curtains and matching pillow cases (finally!!).  We're definitely pretty excited about having a semi-put together home for our Christmas visitors. I don't think I'll ever run out of projects for Keith, but for now we'll rest haha

It was a really really long day, and it's been a pretty exhausting month so I'm very excited for Christmas and having a little time to myself this week. I've got some intense baking that I'm going to attempt on Friday (christmas cookies and apple pie, oh my!). Wish me luck!

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