Monday, January 24, 2011

Dinner Disaster

Ok, so I have some kitchen confessions to make.

First of all, Keith does most if not all of the cooking in our house. He's the more adventurous one, where as I'm more of a follow the recipe kind of person, so I tend to lean more towards baking as an expertise. I don't claim to be great at cooking, but I know my way around a kitchen and can usually make things work. Well tonight, you could have nominated me for Worst Cooks in America.

It was that bad.

Keith is working late tonight so I knew that when I got home I would need to fix myself something simple for one. I knew we had a bunch of potatoes so I thought, why not do a little breakfast for dinner and make some fresh hashbrowns! I spent some time peeling the potatoes, and shredding them so they were just perfect, and I even chopped up an onion. At the end of this ordeal, I found myself kealed over the kitchen sink flushing my eyes because the onion was so strong and with a dinner that was the strangest combination of burnt and mushy. To top things off, I though we had some eggs I could pair with my hashbrown failure but we only had one, which was nowhere near filling enough. After I couldn't force myself to eat anymore I gave up and started doing the dishes. Just to add insult to injury the food chopper I used to cut up the onions sliced my finger in the sink leaving a bloody mess and a sink that was still full of dishes.

Dinner number one was a total failure that just seemed to continue getting worse haha. This was the point where Keith called me to check in on my night and I all but started crying as I retold my tragedy because all and all... I was still hungry and anyone who knows me well enough know that I'm not a happy camper when I'm hungry haha.

This is where dinner number two comes in. I didn't want to make dinner number two. I tried to resist making dinner number two in protest of dinner number one's terribleness, but like I said before... I was hungry and cranky.
Amazingness. This is my delightful veggie sandwich and fruity salad. aka what I should have just made in the first place. I had a similar sandwich at a restaurant in NYC and have very much enjoyed replicating it at home with some modifications. Toasted bread, hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and sproats. My salad has some fresh cut strawberries, craisens and raspberry vinaigrette. I am now a happy camper.

Lesson learned: let Keith do the cooking because I am no good at experiments.


  1. haha we all have those disasters. and those are my favorite kind of sandwiches as well!

  2. Ohhh I'm sorry about the disaster! It happens to EVERYONE! So don't feel bad...on a plus note, dinner number 2 looks scrumptious!

  3. haha, cheryl made this mac and cheese one bite in the mouth, the rest in da garbage

  4. Geez Andrew, way to throw your wife under the bus haha

  5. I hate dinner disasters, it always makes me feel like such a failure. I once grabbed a plate right out of Jus's hands because I decided my cooking sucked so bad.
    I find that simpler food is better, just like your second dinner :)


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