Friday, January 21, 2011

Morning Routine

There is definitely no hiding the fact that our cat is a little strange. He's been adjusting to our new house with ease, but he's developed some interesting quirks since we moved in.... like his love for our bath tub:

Every morning Theo and I have a little routine. He waits very impatiently for me to get up and then quickly follows me into the bathroom. He warms up in front of the heater for a moment and perks up when I turn on the faucet. While I shower he sits on the edge of the tub, careful not to get too close or get wet and then as soon as I turn off the water he jumps right in so that he can watch the last of the water drip from the faucet before he drinks all the excess water left in the tub. It makes no sense to me that an animal that hates getting wet loves the shower so much, but I won't fight him on it haha.

I thought this week was going to be a little more normal after the disaster of having 5 consecutive snow days, but of course, life isn't that easy. Monday my kids were out of school for MLK day so naturally we took them on an eight hour field trip which may have included a trip to Golden Corral and a snooze-fest of a college basketball game. Tuesday and Wednesday went on as planned but today in true Nashville fashion, everyone decided to majorly overreact about the snowy weather once again. After school programs were cancelled around the county, but no one at our center could make a decision about what we were doing. Instead of actually informing people about what was going on, we let some of the kids come in so we could make photocopies of their report cards and then made them walk home. It was a free-for-all, and could only be remedied by indulging in adult beverages after work. My favorite coworkers Sarah, Wen and I "braved the terrible snow and ice" and sat at a local mexican restaurant and vented about our days for a couple hours. I had a couple margaritas and Sarah ordered a 36 oz beer hahaha it was wonderful.

What's the best part of this whole weather situation? Tomorrow our kids aren't in school, and since I've gone into work on every other snow day... I'm not feeling obligated to show myself. Keith is off tomorrow, meaning we get to spend the whole day together just hanging out :) Cannot wait!

I am slightly sick of snow, mostly because Nashville just doesn't know how to handle itself. I never thought I would ever ever ever say this... but I kinda miss Philadelphia snow. At least in Philly we got a few FEET of snow so it was legitimate when businesses closed. Remember that morning Keith got our car stuck in a ditch on the side of the highway and hitch hiked to work? And all the trains were cancelled because the tracks were frozen, and my Friday morning class STILL wasn't cancelled? Yeah... suck it Nashville and your fear of 2 inches.


  1. my cat kisa does the same thing. she loves the's adorable. I MISS HER :( !!!!!

  2. Yeah, Emma used to rush into the bathroom when we were done showering and drink out of the built in soap dish. Weird.


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