Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today I didn't go into work, mostly out of protest of Tennessee snow days, but also because I wanted to spend the day with my wonderful husband.

We started our day early with Sonic breakfast and another attempt at the DMV. After a relatively short wait (compared to when we tried earlier in the week) we walked out the door as official Tennessee residents :) I'm pretty sad that I had to forfeit my Pennsylvania license since the picture was the best I've ever had. Our Tennessee licenses? Not so much haha

Here is what Keith described as looking like "he got pushed into the middle of a highway in the darkest part of the night. Then a tractor trailer blew his horn, turned on his headlights and snapped Keith's picture with a camera mounted to the front of his truck."

Mine is just a bad angle and I feel like it's super zoomed in, but oh well. 

Tennessee, we're here to stay! As we were leaving this morning the man who processed our paperwork yelled across the room, "welcome aboard!!"


  1. This is amazing. I'm so proud that keith went right for the lumberjack look. go big or go home, right? Dana, your hair is so long again!

  2. My hair is ridiculous right now,it needs to be stopped haha Keith just wanted to match the confederate... er, I mean Tennessee flag. :) As soon as he handed it to me I said "you look like such a redneck hahahahahaaaaaaa"

  3. You forgot to black out your address!

    Also, "Beal" what an odd middle name!


  4. Haaaaaa! If I had blacked it out you could have never picked out that typo for me! They should call you "Eagle Eyes Ramsaran"!


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