Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grey January

 5 reasons why today was great when it could have been lame:

1). Today was another snow day, which could have been a bummer since our kids really need all the school they can get, but it turned out to be awesome since I got SOOO much work done without their presence. Love them to death, but they make my brain spin haha

2). Keith has to work until midnight tonight which is always sad, but, my best work friend Sarah and I went to dinner together at Baja Burrito. Which was scrumptious :)

3). Another thing that makes Keith being at work all night just a little better? I get to shamelessly watch chick flicks until he gets home haha

4). I think I've mentioned once before that our house is very very cold. It's old and not insulated very well, but we manage. Tonight I don't have a warm husband to keep me warm on the couch but I do have my coat and gloves on AND my favorite blanket (that Keith outwardly hates and never lets me take out in his presence)
Yep. That's Garfield. best. blanket. ever.
5). Last but not least, after my amazing burrito all I could think about was eating a chocolate covered oreo like they gave away at work last week (our kids get donated bagged dinners on Thursday nights and we like to snag all the unclaimed treats). Well last I remembered I had scarfed all of those on, well... Thursday haha. I had given up on my dessert desire and then when I reached into my bag to grab my planner guess what I found!!!! Yep. One last awesome amazing tasty as heck chocolate covered oreo haha.

We love Nashville a lot, but this wet, cold and grey January is making me antsy for some sunshine and Spring. For now I'll just be dreaming... hope you all had a great day too!

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