Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We've seen our fair share of strange and awful bugs since we've lived in our Nashville house, so much so that I've even dubbed it "Bug House" when speaking about it. We've put up with this minor detail because the rent is cheap and we enjoy the location... but my most recent bug discovery is about to push me over the edge: FLEAS! Theo had been acting a little off this past week, and a noticed a few signs that he was leaving spot where he laid so last night we finally sat down and gave him a once over and his skin was absolutely CRAWLING! I felt like such a bad cat mom :( but he truly couldn't have had them long because we were at the vet recently and they said he was flea free. Poor Theo is beside himself... he hasn't been sleeping, or playing; has hasn't even been interested in going outside (which he is NOT allowed to do anyway). Now I've switched into full on flea killing mode, we got some medication and I've been constantly combing him and killing those little crappers. I'm so unhappy about this whole experience that I'M not even sleeping well! Now my skin in crawling at the thought of these little bugs taking over my house and I'm itchy all over, ugh. Keith says its all in my head... which is undoubtably true but I am now looking forward to winter's arrival and the death of all the terrible bugs that summer has brought.


  1. ;/ i still haven't gone in my closet. i can't particulary live well at the moment... let alone sleep... ugh.

  2. Yuuuuuck. That is the worst! But get this- Last night I didn't find Spooky chasing a bug... he was chasing a mouse. Into my room. I cannot wait for fall so all these creatures can get out of my life.

  3. NO FUN! But hang in there - it WILL pass...but I'm with ya - so what if it's all in your head...remember - I just dealt with ants in my car...ICK POO NO THANKS!


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