Friday, August 19, 2011


I know. I know. I'm like 6 months late... but have you heard this album? I cannot stop listening, and want to convince everyone I know to listen to it as well. I'm generally attracted to strong female vocalists, so I think I knew I would love Adele, but just never got around to purchasing this album because I'm lazy and rarely if ever purchase music anymore. Thankfully when we were in Florida this past July my parents reintroduced me into the world of great music by filling up an iPod for me from their iTunes library and I have been very happily exploring what I've been missing for the past couple years. In high school and early college I was very interested in music, and keeping up with various bands and what was new and exciting... but this became so much of a task that I let it slip and settled into  repeating old favorites or just tuning into the radio. I have definitely missed being able to talk to my friends and family about music because it's something so many people around me are passionate about. So now I look forward to catching up on the music scene a bit, and maybe being a little less well versed in top 40 radio hits :)

Some other bands that I have really been loving this month? Fleet Foxes and Mumford and Sons. I guess now we just need to start going to more concerts. (Katy Perry IS playing tonight.....)

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  1. i've never even heard of adele... love fleet foxes. :)


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