Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Club

After the success I had with this book, I decided I should probably try again. It feels SO good to settle into a good book, and I felt like The Help was a safe bet because of all the great reviews it got (AND I can go see the movie as soon as I'm done haha) When I was in Florida, my mom passed it along for me to read and I'm finally getting a chance to pick it up. I'm only a couple chapters in and I can already recommend it. Here's hoping that I can get it finished before "summer" is over!


  1. You are about the 3rd person I know reading it, so I downloaded it on ibooks today...I'm already enjoying. We can compare notes! :-D

  2. my mom told me she saw the movie yesterday and that it was amazing. she said it was uncanny how much it was just like the book. :) just wanted to let you know so you can be even more excited!


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