Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zoo Date

Today Keith and I celebrated our anniversary by taking a trip to the zoo. I LOVE zoos and I'm always excited to check out the zoo in any given city. Since our first date ever was at a zoo four years ago, it seemed like a cute little bit of nostalgia that we check out the zoo here in Nashville today.

Ready for a little now and then action? Here are some shots from August of 2007, on our first date:
Keith's favorite picture of me.

Two years of beard growth and I still thought he was cute haha

and here are some shots from today:
I made a kissy face, and this camel got within centimeters of my face haha

Clouded Leopard kittens!!!

By far my favorite of the day, they were so cute and playful! I wanted to take them home.

The red pandas weren't in their exhibit today, but I found an even CUTER red panda ;)

In honor of the first photo ^

In honor of our polaroid with the giraffes...

Of course, we didn't have our arms around each other then because we were too nervous to even hold hands haha

It was a great day :) I had heard things about the zoo in Nashville not being great, but we saw everything we wanted to see, and had a lot of fun. We were definitely the only people there without kids, but thankfully it wasn't too hot and we got to relive some first date moments. Four years ago we were just a couple of kids with a crush, and now this weekend we get to celebrate one amazing year of marriage. Love you best friend!

Now to get ready for a night on the town and dinner at the Eastland Cafe...

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