Monday, August 1, 2011

Georgia Weekend

It's Monday night and Keith and I are STILL recovering from our whirlwind weekend in Georgia. After my cousins were in town talking about all the theme parks they had been to this summer, we realized that we had never been to a theme park together and vowed to make a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia before the summer was up. Obviously if we were going to make the drive to Atlanta we had to make it to a Braves game, and they very conveniently happened to be playing an afternoon game on Sunday that fit into our schedule perfectly. Things did not go exactly as planned... but we still managed to have some good time with Keith's mom and brother. Ready to hear my crazy story?

So I've been having some trouble with my contacts lately, and I chocked it up to being in and out of the pool, the seriously oppressing heat in Nashville, or just keeping them in too long. After our trip to Florida, and being in a couple smoky bars my eyes were NOT my friend (and all of the photos from Catie and Erick's wedding prove that haha) and I decided to keep my contacts out to give my eyes a break. It had been two weeks, so I thought I would be ok to wear them again at Six Flags on Saturday since I knew it would super bright and sunny, and I wanted to protect my sensitive little eyes. Not a great idea. I started the day off fine, went on a bunch of coasters, had a blast... lunch time came around and my eyes started to get scratchy and I could tell they were getting red. I checked them out in the mirror and I was DEFINITELY looking scary. As the afternoon went on, it started to get unbearable and I hadn't brought my glasses but decided to ditch my left contact anyway. I wasn't able to see out of my left eye or even hold it open, and my right eye was headed that way as well. When we left the park I ditched the right contact as well, but was feeling absolutely miserable. I was completely handicapped, and needed assistance just getting out of the car. We stopped for dinner and everyone at the restaurant was very concerned for my well being because of how terrible I was looking. I figured I just needed to sleep it off and give my eyes some time to rest without contacts, but when I woke up on Sunday I was feeling the same if not worse. I couldn't hold my eyes open and if I did manage to get them open a crack they had no luck focusing on anything and I was absolutely blinded in the sunlight. All plans came to a halt and Keith immediately took me to a walk in clinic to get checked out. It's not nearly as dramatic as I just made it sound, but I just had a really bad contact related eye infection. Who knows why my eyes are suddenly rejecting contacts after wearing them for half of my life... but you'll be hard pressed to find me wearing contacts ever again haha So instead of getting to go to the Braves game with everyone, I laid in bed all day with eye drops and a cool towel over my eyes trying to convince Tami and Joe's kitten to play with me. I'm SO thankful that it was nothing too serious and that I'm completely fine right now. It was no laughing matter on Sunday morning, but as soon as we found out it was just an infection and could be cleared up in a couple hours we were all laughs and happy times once more. Keith got to go to the game, and afterwards we made it home to Tennessee safe and sound. In the meantime, I got to spend all of Sunday sleeping, which wasn't all bad ;)

Here are some photos from our trip:
Headed Southeast on Friday evening.
When we got to the park on Saturday I took a picture of each of us before we got in the gate...

Keith's brother Christopher.


... and now I show you Keith's amazing photography skills for my photo


Finger over the lens is the best? 

The before photo.

This is where my day started going south... swings made me SO nauseous, ugh.

Then my sunglasses broke haha.

Keith and Christopher on the crazy sling shot thing... they were so high!

This was our after shot... look how hard I'm trying to smile with my eyes open haha.

At dinner after our six flags day.

The sky on our drive home Sunday night.
In the meantime, I am now on the hunt for prescription sun glasses... 4 eyes for life!

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  1. as a temporary fix, there is a type of sunglasses that fit over most regular glasses, they are made by solar shield. You probably saw me with them at some point. Walgreens stores have them for about $20.


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