Monday, March 14, 2011

Georgia Love

We had such a great time in Georgia this weekend that we were not the least bit excited to head back to work this morning. I spent most of my day today at work walking around like a zombie with my eyes half open... let's just take that as a sign of a well enjoyed trip haha. Moms wedding was SO much fun. It was such a great chance to catch up with people we don't get to see often, and it offered up an excuse to start drinking beer at noon :) we're fans of that, obviously.

We started our trip by hitting the road south-bound at noon on Friday and made our first stop at Ikea to grab some things we had been saving for. It makes me a little crazy that there isn't an Ikea in Nashville... but maybe it's a good thing, since I would probably want to go there every weekend haha. It wasn't AS successful as we would have liked because the coffee table and tv stand that we spent an hour deciding on was out of stock with no sign of return, AND they didn't have a coat rack we could agree on. Bummer. We did get some of the little things we had been wanting like a clock for our kitchen and a light to hang over our dining room table. My wonderful husband has already installed both of these, and I couldn't be happier! After Ikea, we made our way to the restaurant where all the out of town guests were gathering and had a fair amount of beverages and fun. Aka, we stayed up way too late haha

Saturday we began our morning early at breakfast with Jonathan and his girlfriend Erin and then hurried back to his house to get ready for the wedding. We met Tami at the hair salon and I helped her get into her beautiful dress and then we took some photos at the town green before we went to the venue. For real... this wedding was a blast!! The ceremony was the sweetest.. it was short and to the point, just an honest expression of love. I won't go too in detail because I had the flip cam with me and hope to edit some of the footage this week so I can share it (I'm terrible about being on the ball with that stuff, hold me accountable please?).  Keith and I did A LOT of dancing at the wedding, since dancing in public is apparently our thing haha. We were pretty wiped out by 5 pm, but we cleaned ourselves up, changed and headed to Dave and Buster's for the after party. We didn't last long there either, and spent the rest of our evening chatting on the couch chatting with Jonathan and Erin.

Sunday we slept in (which was AWESOME) and when Jonathan got back from church he invited a few friends over to grill burgers and hang out. The rest of our afternoon was spent with mom, Joe-Dad and the out of town guests at the Georgia Force Arena Football game. I've never been to a real football game before, and while this wasn't NFL it was still pretty fun. Overall it was just great to see everyone for a little bit longer. The game ended around 7 and we got on the road home right from there.

Here's to a great weekend! It was super memorable, and made us really nostalgic about our own wedding. As with most of the trips we take, we were thankfully to get out of town but we're kind of looking forward to next weekend where we can hibernate at our house and catch up on sleep.

Here are some quick snaps from the big wedding day!

Congrats to the happy couple!

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