Friday, March 11, 2011

Hockey Chaos

Tonight we took the Elementary students to a Predators Hockey game, and I was thankfully allowed to invite Keith to join us. I'll begin by saying that we ended the night by stopping by the bar... it was that necessary haha

My students are great and I love them to death, but growing up in the projects with parents who have generationally lived in the projects doesn't set you up very well for acting normal in public. They really have no idea how to function in reality which is part of the reason why we take them out into the world and part of the reason why we always regret it afterwards haha. We had GREAT GREAT seats, donated to us by someone who was obviously rich, right on the ice and I sat with a group of girls who kicked the seats in front of them and complained about how bored they were. My conscience wanted to scream at them, but instead I let the lady seated in front of them complain like heck, and that really shut them up. It was awesome to have Keith there because he's pretty great at crowd control, but also so he could catch a glimpse of why I'm so tired every night haha. These kids are just plain crazy. I'm not sure if any of them learned a thing about hockey, or about manners but there were a few key moments that made it all worth it. I LOVE seeing my students building a relationship with Keith, and telling me how cool they think he is, and I also love seeing how great he is with kids. Much much much more patient that I can be with them haha.

Let's just say that I'm glad I don't have to go in to work tomorrow :) Vacation here we come!!!

Shazeedra and Elena

Isha sat on my lap for the game since our seats were all scattered around the section 

I accidently told Keith to put Elijah on him lap forgetting that he peed his pants earlier in the night, oops haha

My bored, seat kicking girls 

Eligh, Marvis and Shy-Kia

Keith later switched to Bryson on his lap (I wonder why??) :)

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