Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last week my students put on a huge Black History Month showcase and over 250 people from the community came to cheer them on. We spent over a month rehearsing songs, and practicing poems, learning dances and making projects. To say the least... it was stressful. It made my job harder because on top of all that we still needed to do homework and tutoring and lessons. Ugh. As employees we were pretty glad to get it over with, especially since most of the students were getting disinterested in participating, or had given up all together.

Monday night turned out to be pretty great. The kids had no idea that so many people would show up to see them perform, and they all got very nervous and excited. It was incredible to see them remember the things we had been trying to teach them and to see how proud they were of themselves when it was over and done with. This was also the first time that Keith got to meet any of my students and after the show they ambushed him and asked him so many cute questions haha

Here is a video that one of our staff members put together with a couple clips from the show... enjoy!!

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