Thursday, March 17, 2011


What a perfect day to watch one of my favorite youtube videos :)

St. Patricks Day is one of those holidays that I always forget about until the day of and get caught wearing nothing green. Keith reminded me over and over to wear green today, but of course it never crossed my mind this morning. I walked in the door at work and got pinched around 40 times. I looked at my students and said "Do you even know who St. Patrick is? Do you even know someone whose Irish?!" Those questions were immediately answered for me when one girl said "What's St. Patricks Day? I thought it was 'pinch people day'". Their cluelessness is endearing.

Instead of going out and drinking lots of beer today, I am hanging at home and catching up on all the things I've DVRed in the past two months. Boring, I know. I thought about stopping for a drink after work, but my friend Sarah and I both agreed that it would probably just make us more tired than we already are. Anyway... HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY EVERYONE!! Keith's out with friends cheering on Belmont's basketball team, so not only will I be parked on the couch... I'll probably be eating ice cream and popcorn for dinner haha This is the life :)

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