Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Miracle

Life has been pretty hectic recently, and I feel like I haven't really had a chance to record, let alone process all that's been going on. This weekend we're headed down to Atlanta for the big wedding extravaganza, and we have plans every single night this week therefore I'm feeling a little out of my mind. Thankfully tonight our plans included visiting the hospital to say hello to a beautiful little baby girl :)

Our great friends Carolyn and Isaac welcomed the prettiest baby ever into the world yesterday, Sage Elizabeth Ezell and we're so thankful that they invited us to come and visit them tonight. We got the chance to watch Carolyn's belly grow and grow since we moved to Nashville, and it was so amazing to finally meet their little miracle. For a newborn baby, she really was SO pretty!

*** newlywed couple disclaimer *** NO! We're not planning on having a kid any time soon. NO! There is nothing in the water. NO! we're not going to see all our friends having kids and want one of our own asap. NO! I don't need you to ask me if I'm pregnant every time I say I have "big news"! Phewwwwww.

Sorry for the rant. Here are some shots of us with Sage tonight:

Excuse the iPhone photos, I left my camera at home but I'm sure there will be plenty more opportunities to share pictures of this little one.

One more thing: Carolyn Ezell is my hero. She went into labor on Friday night, and didn't deliver Sage until 10am Monday morning! They had planned to delivery her naturally, but after 60 HOURS she had to give in and get an epidural so that she could get some rest and avoid getting a c-section. What a champion, I can't even imagine!!!

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  1. oh man, 60 hours.... i want to go au natural as well, but that would suck! pretty baby girl :)


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