Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I celebrated Spring Break with my students, meaning I got off of work at 4pm instead of 7pm, yipee! Today I nearly lost my mind watching young kids ride go karts and I had a vision of what an overprotective mother I'm bound to be, oops. Today I had to console a student who ran her go kart into one of the track employees and broke his ankle... really? REALLY? Welcome to the chaos of my job and my life. Today I shook my head at fellow employees who laughed at me when I refused to ride go karts because of how dangerous they are... look whose laughing now. Today I ate a disappointing sack lunch and pouted because back at the center it was free chipotle day, boo. Today I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to watch Yogi Bear at the theatre because enough kids wanted to see Narnia, score!! Today I realized that I'm pretty willing to do a lot of personally undesirable things to make sure that my kids have a fun and fulfilling childhood.

Now tonight, I will bake 60 cupcakes for the party they're having tomorrow that they do not deserve because their behavior this week has been ridiculous. Tonight I will breathe a giant sigh of relief that I do not have to go anywhere near work on Friday... this upcoming long weekend is the only thing keeping me sane this week. Spring Break isn't what it used to be, where are the margaritas?

Pretty Spring buds on the mini golf course


  1. right... the things we do for kids.
    where are the margaritas?

  2. that is what you are supposed to at 5 PM after a day like that


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