Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dinner Diary

I just wanted to quickly share one of our new favorite dinners! It has some really long fancy recipe name, but they're raviolis with a creamy artichoke sauce and peas. It tastes CRAZY good, and I'll probably eat some leftovers for breakfast in the morning because of how much I love it. I found this recipe in an issue of Food Network Magazine and convinced Keith to make it for me a few weeks ago. He was slightly disappointed with how the sauce turned out because it was kind of runny, and he was not excited about making it again. Since he loves me a lot, he indulged me with another go at it and even he was pleased this time. I scarfed down everything on my plate with a big smile on my face :) I would highly recommend this super quick (15 min!) dinner if you're looking for some kitchen inspiration!

via foodnetwork.com

Don't be discouraged by Keith's original dislike because I loved it just as much the first time as the second, though it is a good little tip to let the sauce thicken up before serving. Check it out here

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  1. Dana, you should check out the farmer's market that's there and open every day. There's also one in East Nashville with a vendor who sells heart shaped pastas. Mmm. - Peg


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