Thursday, March 31, 2011

Letters to the Universe

Dear cold and gray Thursday,
You make me tired and lazy, which is not good for the line of work that I'm in. Maybe you could visit less often?

Dear clouds,
Quit being a bully, I think it's time you let the sun come out and play for once.

Dear tights,
I love you a lot for keeping my legs so warm this week, but I was really hoping to put you away for awhile. Your friends skirts and shorts would like to come out of the closet without your help.

Dear fluffy bed,
You are so warm and cozy. Maybe a little TOO warm and cozy. I wish we would hang out all day.

Dear sore throat,
I know that you're in town because my students were such tyrants last night and Mrs. Richards had to put on her teacher voice. Please don't turn into anything more than just a little ache, I would really appreciate that.

Dear doctor,
Does eating a pear a day keep you away? Or does that only work for apples? I simply cannot quench my appetite for pears this month.

Dear April,
March was cool and all, but I hope that you bring lots of sun, and smiles, and hang outs with friends and family.


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