Monday, April 4, 2011

[belated] Weekend Update 4/4

This weekend was a pretty busy one and I strangely didn't take that many pictures. We bounced back and forth between doing things we were obligated to (like work... ugh) but still had a pretty good mix of things we wanted to.

Friday I was technically off, but I volunteered to help a family move some furniture which turned into a huge afternoon affair that required many beers afterwards. I went on my first trip to the Yazoo Brewery and I pretty much want to go back every weekend now haha. We started our night there and then headed over to Burger Up for dinner. We both annihilated our burgers and fries and will very happily return there soon. After dinner I could only think of one thing that I wanted for dessert and my wonderful husband thankfully obliged. I told him that I just wanted to DRIVE PAST Krispie Kreme, and that if the light was on we could go in :) Obviously the doughnut gods were on my side.

I think we need to take doughnut dates more often. Keith said he didn't really want one, which was totally a lie because he ate 1 and a half of the 3 I ordered for myself haha.

I had to work on Saturday (Keith got to come with me which made it better), BUT I did get to see the lovely Chelsey Meyer walk in a fashion show for Nashville Fashion Week. The lady announcing was terrible and messed up the description of what Chelsey was wearing, but she looked great and the whole thing was pretty entertaining, aka Ryan and I made fun of all the stage moms. Saturday night was the best. I convinced Keith to make some boneless buffalo wings and homemade fries and we killed a 12 pack on the couch haha. We're super classy people, in case you hadn't noticed. We watched Walk the Line which was probably a little too serious for our moods because we just kept making jokes about the parody version, Walk Hard... then we stayed up WAY too late (staying up until the end of SNL is my idea of late, the college version of me would not agree).

After church on Sunday we returned a twin sized bed we had borrowed from our friends Tytus and Jamie and then met them for lunch at Moes (our lives revolve around food). We came home for a quick nap and then went back out again because I needed to meet some girls to go over baby shower plans for Chelsey. After my meeting Keith and I cleaned up the car, I cleaned up the yard a bit (it was really windy so there was trash from the neighbors blowing around), I made the bed in the guest room and somehow convinced Keith to hang some more things up on the walls. We've only got a couple more projects to complete before my parents come to visit. Did I mention that? My parents are going to be in town from April 26th until May 3rd! A whole darn week... I'm SOOO excited! I can't wait to show them around our town, and give them a little taste of our life here in Tennessee.

That was our weekend... nothing exciting. Now I'm home early from work because there are Tornados in the area. It got pretty crazy out this afternoon when I was at the community center walking with some of my coworkers on our lunch break. We had to go down to the first floor and wait in the womens restroom until the sirens stopped going off. There is apparently another warning for around 5:30. I actually just turned the news off because they were just talking and talking about the same things. All I need to know about Tornados I learned from the movie Twister... so obviously I'm a pro. The only funny thing about this bad weather is... I've been sick these past couple days and felt pretty awful when I woke up this morning, and I said to myself "it would be really nice if there was a way I could leave work early today" I didn't know it was going to take a Tornado to do it... but I'm happy to be home with Keith and Theo.

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