Wednesday, April 20, 2011


For the second time in a month I find myself on the couch with flu like symptoms :( No fun at all. I love my students, but I've been sicker since I moved to Nashville than ever before (and I blame them, ew). I didn't want to take an entire day off today since I'm going to be out most of next week with my parents in town, so I used my morning to sleep in, but immediately regretted my decision to go in at 3 once I was in the presence of 60 screaming kids. We'll see about tomorrow...

In the mean time, Tuesday night we had a volunteer come in who brought a baby duck! The kids were super eager to hold it and pet it (and chase it and squeeze the life out of it haha). Here are some photos: 

Then Mohamed and I played checkers with chess pieces, and he totally whooped me haha

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  1. i was just telling matt this morning that this is the 4th time i've been sick since we've lived in prague. 4x! in 9 months! ridiculous city life. i am up to HERE with the flu! i've gone through 2 boxes of tissues in less than 2 days. (160 tissues)... that's real.

    feel better :) try to lay off the sugar and dairy. i've been doing pretty well even though i crave cheese and sweets allll the time, but i'm at that point where i can't even taste anything, so it doesn't even matter what i eat.


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