Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Guess Who!

Guess who turns 25 tomorrow, April 14th? He's cute, often has a beard, and shares a name with an aging rockstar? Oh that's right! It's my husband, Keith Richards! When I told my students that Mr. Keith was going to be 25 they all gasped and shouted HE'S SO OLD!!! (although I'm not sure that I really trust their opinion because these are the same kids that looked at me today and said "is that a baby in your belly??" ugh) Anyway, Keith isn't big on broadcasting his birthday in order to avoid everyone from high school that he hasn't talked to since, well... high school sending him half hearted b-day wishes. SO! You should all call him or text him to remind him that he's a quarter of a century old :)

I just spent my evening baking him an AMAZING looking birthday cake that I found here, and cleaning up the house for a little party we're having tomorrow night. Now I just have to wrap his little gift and we're good to go! Happy Birthday my love!!

In other news, Keith has a new obsession: finding good food trucks. Since we knew we would be having a busy night cleaning the house we stopped by a truck that was in the area called Pizza Buds. It was pretty scrumptious and I look forward to trying some more trucks in the area!

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  1. Aww happy birthday, Keith Richards!

    There is a waffle truck here in NYC and it is so delicioso!


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