Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bird Day Weekend

I know I say some version of this every week, but I'm definitely currently suffering from please-don't-let-the-weekend-end-itis. It's a nasty little disease that hits around 7 pm on Sunday nights and it gives me the grumps. Alas, tomorrow will inevitably still be Monday, and I will still have to make my way to work and I will be very thankful that I planned all my lessons for this week already. Every weekend needs to be a 3 day weekend... or even a 4 day weekend haha.

Yesterdays big event was that I FINALLY got a haircut after successfully avoiding it for about a year now. I get irrationally nervous about the strangest things... and getting my hair cut is one of them. I attribute it to the fact that I've never really had a great haircut before, and usually don't leave the stylist feeling completely satisfied or like I clearly communicated what I wanted. Thankfully, now I have a husband who isn't afraid to be a little pushy so he helped me to ask for exactly what I wanted and I left with a pretty big smile on my face. I just got a couple inches taken off, but someone finally put some layers in my hair instead of leaving it all the same length like I'm 7 haha.

Funny haircut anecdote: When I told Keith how much it costs for a regular ole haircut he was pretty blown away. I explained that it's because they charge around $20 just to wash it and "style" it after your cut. They never really ask you if that's what you want, so I usually just go with my hair already washed as a hint. Last night the stylist took the liberty of re-washing and blowing out my hair, which was fine because we had a coupon and it didn't cost us any extra, but it reminded Keith and I of one time that we took him to get his hair cut in Philly. Keith had a friend who was studying at a haircutting school, so we went in for free haircuts and Keith left with a goatee. The guy cutting his hair never asked what he wanted and when he was done trimming his hair he just kept on shaving down his face until Keith had the most hysterical goatee on his face. I nearly lost it while we were there and I COMPLETELY lost it once we got to the car. It's one of the funniest things I've ever seen. He ended up being late to work that day because he had to go all the way home to fix it. This came up yesterday because when the stylist was blow drying my hair I could see Keith sitting behind me in the mirror making an "i'm shaving a goatee on you" motion in memory of hair cutting people always doing whatever they want. I definitely started laughing uncontrollably all over again hahaha.

Today we spent our afternoon shopping for Keith's birthday gift! He's wanted a fancy pants Big Green Egg grill ever since Jonathan got one a few years ago, so I could not wait to make this a reality. They're definitely pretty expensive, but anyone that has ever had one has nothing but amazing things to say, so I was sold on obliging in this investment. Thankfully our families like him enough to chip in, so today we were able to go and pick it out.

Yep... we grill in our front yard. Deal with it. 

While Keith grilled our dinner, Theo and I played in the yard. I sprinkled some catnip in the grass and he rolled around in the sun. It was adorable.

Keith's new toy produced a very very tasty dinner, and I look forward to many more. I've already learned to accept that most of our dinners will be grilled for the next couple of months until he gets it out of his system, but at least he bought a new grilling cookbook, so he's got lots of new ideas :)

Have a great week everyone!


  1. yeah, i'm going to have to say i turn into ms. grumpy pants around ANYTIME on sundays.. i hate mondays. and now i'm sick so i definitely don't want to go anywhere. dumb. anyway, awesome grill... i miss the taste of something grilled! and i miss giving kisa catnip! so cute. :)

  2. That is the funniest looking grill. I love it. Andrew has some weird thing about not liking grilled foods. I need to convince him otherwise.

  3. I don't like my hair short, so that's why I never cut it. But I like when other people get hair cuts. CANT WAIT TO SEE YOURS!

    and that green egg grill is interesting. I will make it to nashville one of these days


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