Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opening Day!

This past Friday, Keith and I skipped work to drive to Atlanta and see the Braves opening day game. Keith is from Atlanta and has been a Braves fan since birth so he was EXTREMELY excited when his mom invited us to come to the first home game of the season. Keith has been looking forward to this for months even though it had to be an extremely quick trip. He had to go into the office for an hour in the morning so I picked him up at 9:30 and we headed to Georgia. Our first stop was Ikea because we wanted to grab the furniture they were out of the last time we were in town, and then we made our way to the stadium. We met up with Keith's mom, her friend Julie, Joe-dad, and his brother Christopher to have some beers before we went in to our seats. We stopped at a couple stands to find me an authentic hat and then headed in to watch the Braves take on the Phillies. The game was awesome!! We had great seats and had a really great time just hanging out as a family and enjoying some baseball.

Here are some photos that I stole from Tami because I only got one good shot the whole night haha

Awww... the boys

The Newlyweds!

Go Braves!

After the game we stayed for the fireworks show and then sat in a bunch of traffic trying to get out and up to Ball Ground where Joe and Tami lives. We got in and totally crashed because we were SO tired. In the morning we had to head out pretty early, but Keith's wonderful mother made us a feast of a breakfast complete with homemade waffles mmm. 

It makes me SO happy to feel part of Keith's family, and like I can be included in traditions like Braves Opening Day. Even though we were hardly in town for 24 hours, it was so great to see everyone, and we can't wait to head back!

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