Sunday, January 27, 2013

16 weeks

Another week gone by, and always lots of updates!

This week I did a lot better with my new found appetite, I didn't feel quite as limited in what I could do for fear of needing to stop somewhere to get a snack (or two or three). I bounced back from my cold, but I still have some lingering stuffiness and a cough now and then. I also still need to take moments to rest when they are available to me, but thankfully I didn't have any absolute exhaustion episodes like I did last week!

We did a lot of "nesting" this weekend and finally put in some real work into our guest room (which I guess I just need to start calling the baby's room). We did a major overhaul of the closet to unpack boxes that were still hiding from our move and to get rid of all the clutter. We made some good decisions and threw away or donated pretty hefty boxes, but at the end of the day... that closet is still pretty full. Hope baby bug doesn't mind sharing for now!

TOMORROW is my next midwife appointment which we've been looking forward to for the past 6 weeks! I think we're both so anxious to learn more about what's going on with our bug, and of course, to hear the heart beat! This week my phone tells me that baby is roughly the size of a turnip, or with it's legs uncurled... the size of my open hand.

I think my baby bump is starting to actually become more noticeable to others this week, but I'm definitely still in that phase where no stranger would dare to ask me about my protruding stomach. As much as I'm not ready to be HUGE, I am excited to soon be out of the "hmm, wonder if she's pregnant?" zone haha

Lastly, I think I learned this weekend why all the pregnancy books suggest exercises like... walking. I went to my first zumba class since baby bug made its way into my belly, and my lack of abs was not favorable to say the least haha. I feel so silly for how sore I am after just an hour class, so next week I might need to go back to less strenuous workouts. Ooops. Some other new developments: I don't feel like I have to pee constantly anymore, when I'm sitting down at least. But as soon as I stand up? Time to run to the bathroom! Also I've been having some pains in my mid back after I eat which usually go away if I have a chance to lay down, but if we're out or I'm at work... boo, I'm pretty uncomfortable.

Lastly here are some photos from yesterday, we hung up some things in the guest room that may or may not stay once the baby arrives, and we also rearranged the photos we have displayed in our living room:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Birthday Karaoke

Saturday night a great group of friends got together to celebrate Bennett's birthday at a couple of his favorite spots. We started at a bar just down the street from us called 308, and the night eventually (after many shots by the men) led us to a local karaoke bar where we sang until our throats hurt. It was such a great evening with lots of laughs, and something we haven't done with friends in way too long. I will say, this is the first time since I've been pregnant that we spent the night hanging out in bars, and despite having a great time I found myself much more tired without a drink in my hand as well. Regardless! Thanks Bennett for getting older and giving us all a reason to celebrate you! (ps- ignore the terrible quality of most of these photos :/ I was having trouble with the flash settings on my camera, and my phone made everything blurry in the low light, oh well!)

If you're wondering whats going on in these first photos, Trent and Jordie got Bennet a gag gift: bacon and cheese flavored CRICKETS. The boys all had quite a time trying them out, ick haha

Sunday, January 20, 2013

15 Weeks

Another week gone by! How have I already been pregnant for 4 months? Yikes! Here's what's been going on this past week with baby growing:

Baby bug, you are GROWING this week! This has become more and more obvious because I'm hungrier than when I was running 20 miles a week (this time last year, crazy!) Regardless, I've also seen some belly growth this week which has made my tummy really itchy haha. I still can't wait to start feeling the baby, and I'm getting more and more impatient to know if it's a boy or a girl. I think I just can't wait to start saying he or she when we talk about the baby. Also, we're 99% sure we have names picked out, middle names are a whole different story though haha but don't ask us! We're not telling until this little one shows their face!

This week I caught a little sinus infection that hit hard during the weekend and really drained my energy (or is that because you're growing little one?) It's making me feel so ridiculous that after doing some prep work in the kitchen, I legitimately have to go and sit down for a breather. Yesterday I slept until 10, and then by 1pm I couldn't keep my eyes open. Also taking a trip to the grocery store and carrying everything from the car and into the house? That's my idea of strenuous exercise this week, boo. Keith has really picked up the slack around the house, and I could not be more thankful. Hoping that once I kick this sinus stuff I'll be back to my normal activity level. I am starting to learn my limits a little bit more, and I know I don't feel good at all when I push it too far. Friday I was up at 4am, worked all day, went to ladies night, and then had to wait for Keith to be done with his friends until around 11:45. It was way too much, and Keith and I both know I can never go that long without stopping again.

The best part about this week? My book told me that little bug can HEAR us now! Ironically enough we celebrated that by singing karaoke last night for our friend Bennett's birthday haha. Keith told me I'm not allowed to curse anymore, and we'll probably be playing lots more music for the little one to hear. Also this week I did my first peeking online at Ikea's baby things and got pretty excited to make a little space in our home for a new human. Decorating, planning and organizing really stresses me out, but the idea of crib shopping is making things a little more real I think. Now if someone can just pick out a car seat and stroller for us without me having to do any research? That would be wonderful!

Week 15, so far so good!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

14 weeks

I guess it's about time for some baby/pregnancy posts! Along with our new years resolution to document more, it seems like this will definitely be the year of the baby, so please hang on for the ride! Obviously I can make no promises, but Keith is adamant that we take very consistent photos each week to document my belly progress, so far we've only taken 2, but my belly wasn't much to talk about last month haha. Here are the first in the series (and please don't laugh at how awkward these might be, we're just having fun with it!)

8 weeks

14 weeks

Here what's been going on during week 14 of baby bugs life:

This week more than ever I'm finding that if I'm not eating about every 2 hours that I feel very weak and can start getting dizzy. I can go from being a-ok to feeling terrible at the drop of a hat which has left Keith feeling pretty helpless on how to care for me. Usually just a moment of sitting down and eating something substantial does the trick. I'm also finding this week that SOME kind of hormone change has occurred that has been making me SO incredibly cranky! There is no real reason, most days I'm not hungry, tired or uncomfortable but I find that I have zero patience, and watch out if I have to tell you something twice haha. Keith has been so kind and has been taking lashes all week for reasons unknown to both of us, so here's hoping this is just a phase. I think the toughest part for me is that I KNOW I'm being mean, and I just can't stop. Sometimes Keith talks to my belly and tells baby bug to stop making me so rude haha. Oops.

Something that I'm really struggling with right now is that I still don't FEEL pregnant. My lack of first trimester symptoms was such an incredible blessing, but besides my pants getting tighter in the thighs (and having to buy new bras) there are not too many things that have changed in my normal routine, or with how I'm feeling. I know in another month or two I'll be kicking myself for complaining, but I just can't wait to feel the baby and have a daily reminder that, YES! I really am pregnant haha Want to hear something fun though? Our little nugget is the size of a navel orange now! around 4.5 inches!

This week my belly made a little bit of a shift and I can tell that it's starting to get a little bit rounder. I feel like as excited as I am to start showing more, I'm still in a bit of a mourning phase over my pre-baby body. Keith has been such a great encouragement and when he sees me looking glum in front of the mirror he's quick to remind me that I'm not just getting fat, I'm growing a baby!

I also had a little bit of a panic this week that I wasn't reading or learning enough about pregnancy, and felt like everyone was better at being pregnant than I was. I even had people that have never had a baby giving me advice on things that I had no idea about, which made me feel like a terrible almost-mother. Thankfully Carolyn talked me off the ledge a little bit, and reminded me that my body knows how to be pregnant all on it's own, and that as long as I'm eating right, moving, and resting enough that things will all be ok. I'm feeling so much better about it all today and even set aside some time on the couch yesterday to read one of our baby books.

So far so good! Can't wait to see what next week brings! Also, apparently this is the only shirt I plan on wearing during my pregnancy, it's maybe the softest and most comfortable shirt I've ever gotten from Forever 21, so let's all hope it lasts another 6 months haha.

Highlights 2012

Just like last year, I'm a few weeks late on posting this, but I still want to have it documented. Here are some of our favorite highlights from 2012:

Top Moments of 2012
  • Finding out that we are going to be parents. Hearing our baby's heartbeat, and seeing it squirm around on the ultrasound... so so so unreal :)
  • Running a half marathon together, and with my father as well.
  • Seeing some incredible concerts at the Ryman (Death Cab, and Mumford)
  • Starting (another) new job! Thankfully though, one that is full time with benefits.
  • Watching my favorite aunts get married in Key West with great friends and family.
  • Moving into a new house that is way more cozy than any of the last ones haha

Favorite New Restaurants
  • Lockeland Table
  • Marche 
  • The Pharmacy
  • Maddonna's for brunch
  • Hattie B's
Favorite Albums
  • Fun: Some Nights
  • Mumford and Sons: Babel
  • John Mayer: Born and Raised
  • Dawes: Nothing is Wrong
  • The Head and the Heart: Self Titled
Top Movies We Saw
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • The Guilt Trip
  • The Avengers
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Five Year Engagement
  • The Vow
Favorite New TV Shows
  • Newsroom
  • Duck Dynasty
Best Trips We Took
  • East coast road trip to VA, PA, NYC and DC!!!
  • Baseball trips to Atlanta for opening day and Chipper's last home game
  • Keywest
  • Destin
  • Bonnaroo
  • Georgia and Florida for Christmas (and baby announcing!)
Favorite Pictures

and here's to many MANY more memories in 2013! Already off to a great start haha

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A New Addition

I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am to announce to everyone that...


It's been a really really REALLY long wait before we were ready to tell people, and it's just such a relief to feel like everything doesn't have to be so secret anymore! (although it was pretty special to have that time for the two of us to really settle in to the news before it was broadcast to everyone)

For those who were looking for a little more information, here's the run down: November 16th I had an early birthday party with friends and woke up the next morning feeling not quite myself (crying for no reason?), Keith told me that it was because I was pregnant kind of as a joke and I denied it up and down. As the weekend went on he kept his stance and I kept mine, and I told him if he was THAT insistent, he could go buy a test. Monday November 19th we had two VERY obviously positive tests... YIKES! haha. I looked at Keith after I left the bathroom as said, "here we go!" We very quietly told two friends just to get some opinions on doctors in Nashville, but vowed not to share the news until we got to see an ultrasound and knew how far along we were, since we were definitely still in the dark about when all this might have happened. Our first midwife appointment wasn't until December 18th and that month felt like an ETERNITYYYYYY of "are we really pregnant?" and "naw, this can't be true!" We got there and she told us if we were far enough along we could hear a heartbeat, but not to get our hopes up... sure enough there it was, nice and strong, and that's when things started to get real ;-) Two days later on the 20th of December we got to have our first ultrasound, and I think it was Keith's favorite moment of all. It really is something to see a squirmy little thing moving around inside of you! We just sat there and gushed over the little legs crossing over each other, and arms covering its head. Keith asks me everyday if we can go back and see the baby again haha

Flash forward to Christmas when we got to surprise both sets of parents with baby announcement gifts! Everyone was so thrilled and it really made this one of the most memorable holidays that we've had so far!

As far as the details, I'm 13 weeks along and baby bug is the size of a lemon! Our due date is July 11th, I haven't thrown up once and I'm still not showing (unless you count those 10lbs I gained, oops)

Right now we're just trying to focus on all the fun and excitement of sharing the news of our upcoming addition. We're thinking about how fun it's going to be to see our parents become grandparents, and our brothers become uncles. We're taking just a slight break from trying to figure out all the "serious" stuff; the childcare, maternity leave and budgets... the things that keep me up at night if I let it! Right now we're just happy. When we were both at home for the holidays and people asked us "what's new" we just kind of looked at each other and laughed haha. Some days it seems like EVERYTHING is new, but deep down I know that WE are the same, and adding a baby to the mix might threaten to change things, but it certainly doesn't have to. We're still us, we still like to go out and adventure, and I can't wait to share that with our child!

Thank you all SO much for the overwhelming amount of love that you've already shared for us. We can't even describe how it feels to have such a large and amazing community of people supporting us, and we're happy to say that our baby couldn't be more blessed to have opportunities to know all of you!  Just get ready for MANY more baby updates this year!!!

When I said 2013 was going to be our year... I certainly wasn't kidding ;)