Sunday, February 13, 2011

Restful Weekend

This weekend was a really really great one. Not just because it was Keith's first weekend off in a long time and we actually got to see each other, but it was just very refreshing. I feel really ready to take on this week with my renewed and fully recharged batteries. It was definitely needed!

Here is our list of simple pleasures from our weekend:

- Sunday afternoon naps. Not only are they awesome... but they are a wonderful excuse to wear PJs for the rest of the day :)

- Watching our little cat adventure outside all day! Theo has been stressing both Keith and I out a lot recently by keeping us up for most of the night. He just decides that 4am is a great time to play and we don't seem to agree. We're SO grateful for days like this where we can tire him out with outside time. Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight!!

- Our new iPod music player thingy. We haven't really had a place to set up our stereo system at the new house, and we're definitely both been missing having music to play while were at home. Today was extra special because I found my iPod that our DJ Robert had loaded with the music that played at our wedding. We spent the day working on some things around the house and reliving that night a bit. I got super sentimental when the song I walked down the aisle to came on and also our first dance song... but we both laughed a lot when the next song was T-Pain. And then we danced hahaha

- Getting our guest room organized. Now it finally looks like a room and not just a place we pile up our crap!!! This was a huge achievement for me because I finally have every box unpacked from our move in November. Is it embarrassing that it took me this long? Oops. I'm just happy to have a book shelf up a running, I hated having all my favorite books hidden in boxes for so long.
I also discovered that I have two copies of the sixth Harry Potter book and no copies of the first haha
- Anniversaries. Tomorrow marks 6 months since our wedding in August and I can hardly believe it. It was really that long ago? It's been a pretty crazy collection of months but our love has done nothing but grow, I'm so excited I get to call him my husband everyday! Can't wait to see what he has planned for tomorrow night!

-60 degree weather this week! I can finally start pulling out the more colorful things in my closet that have had to hang towards the back because everything I own for winter is black or gray. I should work on that haha. I'm just so excited to see the sun! Today we had the windows and doors open and it felt sooooooo great. No more snow?? Please?

- The very generous tax return that we filed tonight. I was pretty impressed, and we're both so grateful for it. It's definitely going to open up some room in our budget that is usually so exceptionally tight. Can I also say how thankful I am for my husband who manages all our finances so I don't need to worry about it ever? This may sound selfish, but I never have to file my own taxes again! Yipee!

- Listening to my awesome talented husband play guitar next to me on the couch right now. He doesn't play often anymore, but when he does it makes me smile so much :)

I love our life so much right now. 2011 has already been really really good to us so here's to things continuing to be more awesome!

Random question: what do you guys do with your old school work? I'm a little bit of a hoarder when I comes to things like that and I have no idea what to do with the piles of notes that are clogging my desk at the moment. Do normal people throw it all away? I feel like I put so much of my life into it (especially my grad school notes) but the odds of me going through it again are not very likely. Hmm advice is welcome!


  1. a nice chest is a good idea. look on craigslist. you can still pile it up, but it'll be hidden away. or the ever so popular ikea. they have a ton of decent looking filing cabinets, etc.

  2. It sounds like you had such a nice weekend! I dream of the day all of our stuff is unpacked. I've kept the school work from classes I liked/learned the most from but tossed the rest.
    Happy Valentines Day!
    PS You should check out my Friday post :)


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