Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Update 2/27

This weekend was great :) which was obviously what we had planned.

I almost forgot, but it started with dinner at Family Wash on Friday night where we humorously ran into Ryan and Chelsey and invited ourselves to join them. It was a really fun night, with some really great dinner. I'm starting to really love Friday night dates because it gives me something to look forward to all week haha

Saturday, we began our morning with some AMAZING blueberry pancakes and then gave ourselves time to lounge on the couch and read. It wasn't until well after noon that we felt the need to remove ourselves from the house. We went on a very interesting trip to the Rivergate Mall to do some shopping at American Eagle and I scored some great new work clothes. We wrapped up the afternoon with a trip to Jersey Mikes and Home Depot and then back home to do some cleaning. Keith teased me by putting chili in the crock pot as soon as we woke up, and since we couldn't keep that awesomeness all to ourselves we invited our friend Ives and his girlfriend Jennifer over for some dinner and games later Saturday evening. We're old people, so we kicked them out around 11 because our eyes were closing, but it was still a really fun night.

Today was really just a catch up day, which I think every person needs to have every week. We went to church in the morning, and then came home for lunch and our favorite: SUNDAY AFTERNOON FAMILY NAP! We didn't get one of these last week, and I think even Theo was cranky because of it haha Keith and I love naps, but Sunday afternoon naps are seriously the best. We were all pretty reluctant to get up actually. Once we finally arose... we went on an epic grocery store trip and then went on a cooking/baking spree (more on my cake next). Keith made us such an awesome dinner tonight, like he usually does, but he kinda knocked my socks off with this one. Thanks Ina Garten for the inspiration; I guess all the years of watching the Food Network are finally paying off in our newfound kitchen skills haha

It was a super heavenly piece of chicken that he put goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes under the skin of, and served with some red potatoes and yellow squash. Seriously yum :)

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